Thursday, February 12, 2015

Clash of clan

Ever heard of clash of clan? or better known as COC... It is this mind controlling online game where you can build an empire and attack other empires then you can merge with other empires to create a "clan". You can then declare war with other clan. Anyway... before I go any further please watch this video first.

This gotta be the best advertisement I ever saw.

The first time I heard about this game... I think was a year ago, none of my circle of friends played it when I first downloaded it through some app online advertisement. My first thought was... hey this game kinda like DOTA. But I never really like playing game except for Skyrim which I picked it up during my free time when the construction site I was working at was closed down due to EIA stuff. Then my laptop broke down and I didn't resume any game except mobile games. The games I usually downloaded is quite simple, puzzles like Triple town, hangman... just game that I downloaded so I can play while bored or any awkward situations.

Then last month my boyfriend started playing it and he was obsessed with the game. I didn't understand why someone can be so preoccupied with a silly game and I thought... maybe I should download it again just for fun since the project I'm working is delayed. I never ever would have guess that I will be like my boyfriend. Playing that fucking game untill 3 fucking A.M. Waiting patiently for my army to finish training so I can attack other villages and I can collect trophy so I can get the 450 gem and buy the fourth builder. Why I need the builder? So i can upgrade my fucking EMPIRE!!!! The more you upgrade your empire the stronger it is and the longer you needed to wait. You will need more money and elixir. That's why you have to attack for the loot. You also need to upgrade your defense so your hard earned treasure won't be looted by other people. Especially when the village you attack decided to revenge.

Reading what I just wrote makes me realize how emotional I am playing this game. I can't even be offline from the game at times because I fear that my village will be under attack any minute that I am offline. Especially since I am a newbie and some of the villages I attacked way upper level than me which I sneakily use my archers to attack the town hall so I can get the trophy. I fear that when they decided to revenge, the empire I build will be destroyed. There's this one person tho already "avenge" his/her empire, that particular person send six level 7 giant, ten level 5 archer and 3 level 4 wall breaker... it was horrible... they destroyed EVERYTHING!

The funny thing is I only started playing this game again 2 weeks ago. I already feel so emotional every time my empire is under attacked. But I like that every time your defense lost you will get a shield for 16 hours.

While writing this post I am actually waiting for my army to filled up. I also have a clan which is welcome to everyone. Just search Lejon Lidi and state that you saw my post from my blog and I will sure approve your request. I have to inform you tho that most of the players in my clan just started playing this game so don't expect any high level Lord in it. But we are all getting there. If you are interested in forming an alliance with me remember...


We are a clan that will always welcome donations and never fail to donate. You can share your war tactical skills with us too and we will sure help you whenever you decided to declare war. 

Right now my favorite tactics is the classic archer and barbarian. Fast and guarantee to get a lot of loots. I also like using giant although most of my army is on the lower level but I believe in quantity over quality for now. Since 12 hours are needed to upgrade the laboratory.

If any of you clash of clan addicts reading this do leave a comment. I am very keen to know what makes you an awesome player in COC?

a. Awesome Defense
b. Trophies
c. Level
d. All of the above

Okay... blog later... see ya!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My first ever vlog!

A first time for me and hopefully not the last. I will try to improve after this. But for now... do enjoy.. ;)