Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kinabalu aftermath

As I am writing this post there's 6 big ass salonpas sticker behind my back, I have bloated tummy and almost lost my appetite.

What did I obtain from the experience other than the RM10 certificate which the design has not been updated since 11 years ago...

1. A broken phone... fml
2. RM200 goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... fml
3. Fever... fml
4. Mild hatred towards staircase and keep on thinking the stair to my office tomorrow. (T_T)
5. Lost of almost all my social apps... fml

It might sound bad but I seen and obtained...

1. That majestic view
2. Confidence, I am that unfit compare to 11 years ago. Maybe not that fast but still okay.
3. Determination, that I must be much more fitter and stronger to achieve success in life.
4. Excitement in life.
5. That excellent food at Laban Rata.

I don't have the perfect word to describe my experience... Did I had fun? Yes.. but there are moments where I wish I hadn't embark on that journey. Sure, some might say Kinabalu hiking is not that hard but for me I feel like there's a deeper meaning. We started the journey on a nice day... then as we were hiking rain starts pouring heavily and all I can think of is getting to Laban Rata for a hot drink and a cig. But then my cigs was too damp so I had to throw it away. Then I almost want to give up at the top, I almost don't want to go to the lower's peak. But I push myself hard and I made it so that made me happy... so happy. It proves that no matter how tough life is, I will push myself until I get what I want. I am Jacynta... hear me ROAR! lol

So my health diary for 02... 

Cigs : 2

Food : Bfst = Yee mee
           Lunch = Cornetto ice cream
           Snacks = Chocolates a lot of them so I don't fall asleep.
           Dinner = Rice with moringa omelette and stir fry potato with chicken
           Supper = Egg and mayo sandwich

Exercise = None

Health Diary 03

Cigs : 1

Food : Bfst = Egg and Mayo Sandwich
           Snacks = during hiking cadbury chocolate bar.
           Lunch = Chicken ham and cheese sandwich
           Dinner = mixed rice
           Midnight snacks = Prawn crackers

Exercise = I hiked for 6 km in 3 hours.

Health diary 04

Cigs = 0

Food : Early bfst before hiking = Apple and prawn crackers
           Snacks during hiking = half bar of snickers and cadbury chocolate bar    
           Brunch = Fried rice, 2 mini sausages, half pancake with butter, fried egg with herring fish.
           3:30pm Lunch = Half plate spaghetti, prawn crackers, sweet potato fritters, tea.
           Dinner = half bowl of porridge.

Exercise = HIKINGGGG!!!

Health diary 05

Cigs = 0

Food : Breakfast = Roti canai and porridge and half bowl of instant fried noodles.
           Lunch = 0
           Snack = Potato chips shared with Aunty and Nonok.
           Dinner = 2 plates of chicken curry and a tiny... very tiny taste of bosou bakas.  

Exercise = Body sore (*o*)

Ok... lets smile and live. See you blog soon...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cynta's health diary 01

I decided to do a health diary post since I can't push myself to finish my other blogpost and also it's a reminder to myself of why I should stay healthy.

In 2 years time I will be in my 30s and I think it is about time to start taking care of my health seriously since I have so many plans and dream I have yet fulfill so to make sure I don't die before seeing it came true. Thus I have started exercise, at first it was just to make sure I have a good stamina for my kinabalu expedition the I thought maybe I should get rid of my flabby arms... maybe I should tone up my body because I think I can do it.

It's not easy tho... I am addicted to smoking, I can feel my lungs capacity compare to my cousin is very very... weak. Honestly I don't think my addiction is that bad but it's moving towards the right path to lung cancer. I ALMOST smoke a pack a day but then I cut it out to 2 packs a week maybe and 3 if I am super stress at work. I just love inhaling and exhaling that poisonous smoke, my favorite smoking time is during driving because I usually in deep thoughts while driving planning what I would do with my life stuff like that and smoking just help clears my mind. It's not that I don't know that it's bad but I just like it. Like now I am thinking how nice it is if I'm having a smoke right now... Gah! Please you just finish exercising Cynta!

Anyway, I downloaded a workout video today on how to get that inner thigh and small waist line. I almost die doing it, it was a 2 set video and I was supposed to do a 3 set video but I only managed to do 2. I did however jog in my room for 30 minutes and do arm workout for 10 minutes, so my total workout time today is 55 minutes. Yesterday was 45 minutes... I must stick to this routine because I hate seeing all this flabbiness on my body. I don't think I'm fat or chubby... I am quite thin although I did gained weight from my 40kg to 44 - 45kg.

Now I need to have a good diet plan. The problem with my diet is, I don't cook and even if I want to I rent a room without a kitchen and I usually eat out or just skipped meal. When I was at my lightest I wasn't eating at all due to stress I only ate flavorless crackers. My workplace now is a much stress free environment therefore I ate quite a lot and I am craving for that tasty nasi lemak from Gaya street which is my favourite and I am hoping that Ed will text me asking me whether I've eaten or not that I will try to avoid to reply Yes and lied to him saying I am not hungry but still hoping that he will tapao it for me. ARGH!

Please I do not want to end up like Lena Dunham. Fuck... this health thingy making me cranky. So here's my health checkup list which I promise to be as HONEST as possible.

1. Cigarettes = 1+5 (and considering 1 more... last!)

2. Breakfast = 3 piece of leftover honey chicken wings
    Lunch      = Kon lou mee ngiu chap ( I ate half the noodles and finished the soup)
    Dinner     =  Grapes and Mister Potato sour cream & onions chips (which I vomited... never again!)

3. Exercise time = 55 minutes

God help me... Please no tips on this post maybe next post, just give me some fucking motivation.

P/S : guess who just call me?.............................. Ed! and he's bringing me out for a late supper at the mamaks.
P/P/S : Tomorrow will be better since I will be with Daisy, she always make me want to be healthier.