Sunday, October 26, 2014

Don't stop me now!

I don't know why is it every time I had an Epiphany I will always start with cleaning my room. In fact I had one just now and TADAH! one clean room for Jacynta and a cigarette that may be my last time for 12 days. I plan to stop smoking for 12 days only because on the 5th of November 2014 I will conquer mount Kinabalu (for the 2nd time). I also vow to be more health conscious since I cannot afford yet a health insurance and also for the obvious vanity reasons. I am joining the #fitness bandwagon and I am scared because I might turn to be one of those snobby fitness bitches I hate so much LOL. Please do slap me if I post my sweaty selfie on instagram.

My on and off fitness relationship started out a few years back and at one point I was serious about it and actually lose weight. But i like to be discreet about it and only a few close friends and family saw how obsess I was at that time. Maybe it's time to be that obsess again, my inspiration was mankofit hopefully this time it will last a life time. I like myself better at that time, I was more focused and I feel much more energetic than before, I almost feel like my teenage self thus I must be more consistent. But first I need to finish my drawings because tomorrow is the fucking deadline.

I also need to drink more water, 4 litre to be exact. I need to wake up early and be more discipline in my workout and beauty regime. What I want in my life right now is, happiness...  

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Tom Rungitom said...

Get some chocolates maybe? :P