Monday, August 25, 2014

New day

Hi blog! it only took me 2 months to update you this yay!

Hi, anyway... in case anyone of you forgot how I look like here's a picture of me. 

****awkward silence***

ermm... I don't really have any new updates other than,

I just cut my hair thus no more... 


Anyway, the picture above is a comparison on My 1st day of work and last day of work.

Did I just mention that? Yes, I finally quit my job! so HURRAH!!! *insert hand clapping emoji*

I like my job, I like being an engineer... I like learning things and understanding what I don't really understand during my student days BUT...

I really dislike my workplace, I know the job I signed for require high amount of perseverance. It won't get any easier, the workload will always be heavy, the decision must be precise and I always have to deal with problems because that's one of the job requirement. Problem solving. 

I hated how my ex boss treated me, I feel unappreciated, it's not like I am hoping for a praise in every task I finished but... it's hard for me to put it in words. I feel like a broken record repeating every single shit I was thrown at, how I was being ridicule BUT fuck it...

At least I learn quite a lot. I learn how to handle a strict boss, how to work on a deadline etc... this important things they don't teach you in school. Now when I look back I am amaze on how much shit I can handle and still be short it toughen me and open my eyes for possibility. 


My new workplace is good. I am taking a huge risk accepting this job, it's a start up company and there's a lot of things such as facilities, staffs etc...need to be improve. I like my colleagues and I have a better opportunity compare to the previous job so that had me going. :) Hopefully the future is bright for this company.

Although I do feel a bit lazy and unproductive, I need to remind myself about my goals. I especially hate that I am bloated now, face and body. I feel like a balloon. 

Being unproductive making me feel sloppy, lazy and a slob... That's why I am writing this blogpost. But I am like an ADD kid keep on being distracted. But you have to be inspired to write... I realize as I am writing this, my writing style is kind of defensive. 

The conclusion is I am quite happy, not thoroughly satisfied but okay. I have big dreams and I have to make sacrifices. 

Cheers to all the dreamers may your dreams become reality. Never stop chasing your dream. 



Tom Rungitom said...

Lookin' good! :)

Cy said...

I miss reading your blog. Lama tidak pi baca...bah mari la kita aktif balik sini ni...FB is boring these days lols...and I am uber excited that you are happy with the new company altho sia sedih sikit la sebab tidak dpt lunch sama-sama ko selalu sudah...hahaha.

Lebiu ma niece! xoxo

Cy said...

btw I changed my blog address to