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When Miuns go picnic


Hello, I am back again. It is almost the end of the month and I am just about to blog what I done on my very long (1 week) holiday during Chinese New Year.  But since I am a Miun and Miuns don't really have many options for a getaway... Nevertheless I still enjoyed my holiday so much that I can't wait for next year Chinese New Year. So here's a miun's style for a budget but fun way to spend time with family.


My family loves picnic... Picnic a fun way to relax and spend quality time. It's relatively cheap, the only thing you have to spend is fuel and of course food... Food is the most important thing in a picnic. It's a must to have food that can feed the entire village than to have less. I think if an apocalypse going to happen soon, my family will be very well prepared for that (even if it's a zombie apocalypse).  

Location: Pantai Dalit
Weather: Gloomy

1. Momurimon, Bercerita and listening to all our family silly jokes.
2. Mandi laut la, apa lagi. Swimming by the sea.
4. Counting the numbers of rubbish 
5. Killing innocent crabs and destroying their homes.
6. NAP

other miscellaneous activities such as "beach sea art", "tanning", "dog walking" etc... can be included from time to time.  

Not many pictures were taken that day since it started raining and then we went back to my parents house to resume our picnic indoors and momut all day watching movies.

  The thing about picnics is even though when the beach flies may terrorize us, we end up sticky afterwards, we might spend too much time looking for that perfect spot, there may not be a proper toilet or wash area, we pack too much food... I try to never miss a picnic with my family because,

There's a sense of adventure like exploring new places, it's our bonding time even though what we mostly do now is just lazing around.  During my childhood it's a time where I can meet my cousins because during that time, there were no internet, no smartphones and we cannot drive yet so it's the only time where we can play together, making adventures of our own.

Picnic spots in Sabah we visited so far.

1. Tanjung Aru
Oh gawd... I look like a whale jumping. LOL

Crowded on weekends but is relatively clean and safe with a lot of picnic hut so you don't have to bring fold able table but maybe you can bring extra chairs if you want too.

Tanjung Aru is divided by 3 area, the first beach, second beach and third beach.

At the first beach is where you can buy snacks and tidbits also have a proper meal but I am seriously giving advice to all of you reading this if you ever order "Cheese Burger" beware because it might be just grilled buns with cheese and a lot of chilli sauce it it. There's also lots of events held here like music festival and beach party. There's a bar, a restaurant... in short first beach is not for picnics more like a place where you can chill by the beach.

 Great sunset pictures.

Second beach apparently also have a restaurant but there is only one and it is still quite near to the playground. There's an open area with beautiful green grass, I hate to say this but most of the picnic facilities at Tanjung Aru is worn out and seriously need maintenance. Still a nice place to have a picnic though. Less crowd there too compare to the first beach.

Third beach... actually I am not quite sure this place still existed because the last time I went there some part of the beach has been demolished for airport runway project.     

2. Tanjung Lipat

It's the new "It" beach, seems like people are flocking there every weekends and it's very pack. But the playground are new and they have a good working toilet. Quite adequate picnic facilities but packed and you can still spot quite a lot amount of rubbish.

However it has been upgraded tremendously since my last picnic there with my family. My last picnic was 7 months ago...
 Making a sand castle with cute kids.

Now, not only you can go picnic there... You can do the miun style exercise by not going to the gym (face it gym fees are expensive and even the RM10 per class I cannot afford) and jog, skate, cycle whatever your preference by the beach.  If you are so thick skinned you can even zumba by the beach, just bring along your boom box and dance like nobody's business.

But parking space may be a problem for this area. I'm not sure whether it is the lack of parking space or Sabahan just park wherever they want which can be dangerous if something unexpected happened... ~palis-palis

3. Karambrunai, Lagoon Park.

You have to pay RM10 per person and additional fees to used the banana boat there. It's a good place if you're planning to do some tanning since it's quite a private beach so you won't have people gawking at you.

We used to lived quite near to this place, my Bapa cycled to the park.

One of our family peeves must set up tent for ALL PICNIC. Told you, Lidi clan are ready for anything. 

You can use all the facilities at the Lagoon Park and there is no hidden cost, unlike Mimpian Jadi resort. Will blog about this some other time. 

Bikini picture to increase blog traffic. :P

4. Kibunut river

This used to be our favorite picnic spot but the place is quite dangerous now. My aunt heard there's actually crocodiles there, so we kind of stop going there. We used to camp there, the place is quite okay. There's a public toilet, tap, a picnic hut and a barbecue place. The fee was quite cheap around RM2 or RM1 per person.


5. Pantai Manis
To be honest we only went to this place once when I was still in my primary school years. The beach was clean I don't really remember much but we had a lot of fun here. Maybe I should suggest the elders to do a picnic here again.

6. Dantai beach
Blog about this before so do visit this LINK. It's at Kota Belud by the way.

7. Mahua Waterfall.
I am a warm blooded mammal so couldn't really enjoy freezing cold water. Heard that the place has been upgraded tho. Maybe should visit here again since it's at my kampung.


Apparently the last time I went there was with my boyfriend. (-_-)

This post kind of a walk to the memory lane for me. As stated in my instagram I am a photo hoarder. I really, really can't delete any photos unless I really had to which is rare and I treasure all my photos.  So thank technology for external hard disk!

Now that all of us are getting older, we spend less time with each other... busy with work, school and other activities...


No matter how far we will go, no matter how hectic our life will be, No matter how crazy our family is...
Family always come first.


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