Monday, February 10, 2014

Survival of the Miun...

What is Miun?


Miun is a word derived from the word Kunsikang or Miunsikang. It is not known whether the word Kunsikang or Miunsikang is an authentic Dusun word. The word Miunsikang was invented by Richard Lidi which has been repeated repetitively by the Lidis as an inside joke. Miun simply means the act of being poor. 

eg: Si Cynta mimang miun.
 Miun suda sia ini bulan.

I read an article online recently about Sabah being one of the most expensive state ---> LINK. I never lived anywhere outside Sabah other than visiting but the cheapest food I ever encounter was from Labuan where a bowl of konomen cost RM3 per person and nasi ayam CP which is RM2.80 per person (which I am not sure whether the price is still the same or not).

As the article stated it is true that in Sabah the salaries are lower than Peninsular Malaysia. The salary for an entry level executive with a degree is less than 2k and for a diploma holder less than 1.5k. To eat at a restaurant for a person is around rm8++ and even buying groceries the price is a bit higher than peninsular Malaysia although I couldn't really confirm this one since I don't cook and rarely buy any groceries except for snacks etc... But a friend of mine (from peninsular) said the KFC value meal the one that have rice+1 piece of chicken+ drink, have an additional coleslaw but only KFC at peninsular. Anyone who can confirm this please comment.  

Let me introduce myself first, My name is Jacynta and as stated in my url my nickname is cynta and no, my nick name wasn't made after the Indonesia Hit Movie or That Malay song. I am a fresh graduate Sabahan and working as a junior engineer at a local civil and structure consultant firm. My salary is under 2k and I live from paycheck to paycheck. 

To make it easier for you to understand clearly, here's my monthly budget.

Things I have to pay
1. Car loan = RM480
2. Prepaid topup = RM80 (For internet and calling)
3. Personal loan = RM150
4. PTPTN loan = RM50++ (Haven't started yet planning to soon)
5. Room Rent = RM125 (Divide half with roommate)

Total = RM885 excluding PTPTN =RM835

And that's, half of my salary gone...

This month I also gave my parents a bit money for ASTRO bill and Groceries... oh and also birthday present for Bapa = RM350

Leaving me around RM500 until the end of the month which I have to save for fuel budget and food budget. Fuel budget consist more than half of that (damnit proton saga! not so fuel saving!). So mathematically proves I can't pay my PTPTN just yet and also I can't save any money just yet.

I also don't really have any budget for entertainment or shopping. Even buying facial skincare will burn a hole through my pocket. But the government told us to spend money effectively and efficiently according to what we need and here's my justification of all the things I spend.

My car, I need it for work. Distance between my workplace and rental room is approximately 15km and going back home to Tuaran add another 26km. If I take the bus it will be cheaper, true... but my work start at 8am and end at 5pm. The earliest bus if I'm not mistaken is 6am and it will not pass by my neighborhood, to take it I have to walk at least 2km to the main road. Taking the bus is quite fussy and a 30 minutes route (+ early morning traffic jam) will take about 40 minutes, although there will be no traffic jam in the morning and it will be less that 40 minutes. But the bus from my neighborhood will only take me to the city centre bus station and that's where the problem start. Bus to my workplace is a mini bus which meant they will only start the engine when there are at least 5 passengers. The waiting time is unpredictable so getting to work on time is a 50/50 situation. Oh... and taking bus after work, I have to walk to the nearest bus stop which located 2km from my workplace. So that is my justification on why I need a car, pretty reasonable right?

Prepaid topup... why RM80 and why 2 numbers? RM50 is to pay for my internet plan this actually can be reduce but internet is the only cheap entertainment I can get. RM30 is for my other number which only for calls and contacting people without internet plan.

Personal loan was made to pay for my school's fee. PTPTN loan was for my diploma (I had my diploma in a private college) and for my degree my parents help to pay but at the end of the semester I pay everything myself. I don't want to burden my parents anymore since I am old enough to pay my own bills.

Room rent;  obviously... yes I can live with my parents at TUARAN!!! which is approximately 41KM!!! from my workplace and there is no bus pass by my parents house. Beside I like living independent, wash my own clothes, clean my room only when it look like a nuclear disaster, eat when I want, watch what I want but I still love going back Tuaran on the weekends, home cooked food and being around family is nice.

You can't really expect me to not help my parents pay the bills right? My Bapa turn 52 this year and he deserve an awesome presents from his children! Also this is my first job, it's logical that children should spend their parents after all the sacrifice they've done. My sister and I bought him an Arowana fish which cost us RM218 after discount (-_-").

So yeah, now... I have less than RM200 including fuel budget until payday (it's only the 10th of February) and this is why I am a miun.

Till the next post for "Survival of the Miun" ~~ Cynta

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