Monday, January 13, 2014

Resolution review

Kind of early to do my new year's resolution (disclaimer: this post was started before the end of the year). Sometimes I don't really see the point of making one because I will always forget what my resolution was, I did try to be more realistic... Never mind I found my old post about supposedly this year resolution.

So lets start the review...

1.  Be skinny. I don't care if people call me anorexic I want to be skinny. I hate it when people call me curvy or chubby. "Ko bukan gemuk bah, ko berisi sja"...

Okay... I am not skinny as I wish to be which was to weigh 40kg but I do look quite skinny than my December 2012...

Unphotoshopped picture of me. Look at that flabby arms

and 2013

Hard to find unphotoshopped picture of me. (-_-")
I feel a little lighter than 2012, hope 2014 I will achieve my dream weight!

2. I want to get better grades. Since I'm graduating soon I hope I graduate with better grades. So I won't procrastinate and let myself dwell into depression this year. :)No more last minute work, no more last minute studying, no more last minute doing anything! I will give my best in doing any projects!  ΓΌ

Okay... This is a lie. But I did get an A for one subject and I did graduated. so I think this can check this out. 

3. Move out. It's not that I don't like the place I'm currently living but it's getting a bit cramped with all of my stuffs. Beside roomie and I need a fresh start since I'll be working soon.

Still at the same matchbox room that I've been living for the past 4 years. Hopefully can achieve this one by the end of this year.

4. Learn new things. I need to upgrade my knowledge especially when it comes to software. I need to upgrade my skills in autocad, learn esteem and any damn software related to civil engineering.

Autocad upgraded a lot, learn MiTS, m.excel also improved a lot. This is an on-going resolution so can't check this one yet.

5. Take good care of skin, body and be more presentable in public. I usually don't wear any makeup and usually look like I just woke up and haven't showered for a week... unless I feel like I need to dolled up. But I did try to be a bit presentable last year and I learn to use face mask at least once a week so I'll continue it this year and hopefully people won't notice that I'm actually nearing 30.  

Skin condition still the same, a little oily by the end of the day. Presentable still working on it. Yesterday went to church and got scold by Ma because I didn't comb my haywire hair. I think I've improved but still need work to do. 

6. Blog more and maybe this year my lookbook will have pictures. I love fashion especially Japanese fashion  and I did try to dress more like them this year. A bit fail tho but nobody can stop me from trying! So here's some of my attempts.

I did blog more than I did 2012... so this is another recycle resolutions. Didn't blog any fashion post tho. 

I also need to add 2 more resolution to the unfinished resolution but one of it, is very personal tho and I don't want to jinx it so will reveal when the right time comes. 

and no... it doesn't have anything to do with tying any "knot" or a bundle of joy. 

Since I am a self proclaimed photo hoarder as stated in my instagram.

 So my travel wish list this year would be;
i.Legoland, Johor with Genesis.

ii. Penang for good food.

iii. Singapore to stalk my favourite bloggers.

iv. Japan for fashion!

v. Bandung for shopping.

vi. Cebu for my uncle's wedding and beautiful island.

vii. Korea for runningman.

viii. Thailand for the "shows".

ix. Hong Kong for Disneyland.

x. Any Sabah island or maybe mount kinabalu again. 

Now, must end this post because am writing this using office's computer, need to focus more on work, I also need to buy a new laptop soon

So see you...

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