Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good times...

I'm in the mood to reminisce good times happen throughout my life, so this post will be a heavy pictures post. Because although words can be used to describe, one single picture can speak a thousand words. I know, I am lame for saying that as if people don't know that already. zzz...

Anyway, it's a Sunday and it's raining. I was out early to send off my aunt to the airport and to save my fuel budget, I decided to go back to my weekday home early and have lunch with the boyfriend. So I was planning to sleep all day after lunch but I couldn't sleep. I feel I am getting a bit more grown up now, I cannot not do anything all day, sleeping too much will only give me headache. Basically I am like an elderly person now, I wake up early and I go to sleep early, so to maximize all the free time I have I must spend each seconds productively. Yesterday I spend my day cleaning... but I feel happy doing it because not only we have a clean house, I got to spend time productively! So yay to that.

Lets start reminiscing now before I clean up my room and throw away more stuff I don't need. A little warning tho, expect no photoshop for all the pictures.

I have to post this. 50kg and no boobs, to remind myself to stick with current weight and be more healthy. Better food choice! workout more often! I am happier now that I can throw away all my hippie dress that was design to hide all my lady lumps. I always wore cardigans to hide my flabby arms.

My first ever oversea trip and also my first ever plane trip. I never been on a plane before 2008, never been out of Sabah so hopefully this 2014 I will get more chance to explore new places. :)

This use to be our favourite picnic spot. Kibunut river! Sorry for polluting the river with our shampoo, it was fun. My family just loves picnics... The over pack food and just lazing around with each other. I think we need to find a new river picnic spot. Any suggestion?

Wearing heavy makeup on a dayout. My sister was so tanned and now she's so fair that people always think that we're not related. Well, people always think we're not related since we look different and it's really rare to meet people who thinks we look like siblings. Haha...

That was one hell of a cake! Taken at a buffet dinner. Buffet dinner is the best! Especially for families.

Unabashedly taking selfie pictures in front of the mirror in the hotel lobby.

One of my unglam moments. (-_-")

Okay... after the fifth blue screen. I give up. I must buy a new hard disk or maybe a new laptop? thinking about it... Hopefully this Chinese new year will bring me good luck and I can buy myself a new laptop and also some new things.

Till then...

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