Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kinabalu aftermath

As I am writing this post there's 6 big ass salonpas sticker behind my back, I have bloated tummy and almost lost my appetite.

What did I obtain from the experience other than the RM10 certificate which the design has not been updated since 11 years ago...

1. A broken phone... fml
2. RM200 goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... fml
3. Fever... fml
4. Mild hatred towards staircase and keep on thinking the stair to my office tomorrow. (T_T)
5. Lost of almost all my social apps... fml

It might sound bad but I seen and obtained...

1. That majestic view
2. Confidence, I am that unfit compare to 11 years ago. Maybe not that fast but still okay.
3. Determination, that I must be much more fitter and stronger to achieve success in life.
4. Excitement in life.
5. That excellent food at Laban Rata.

I don't have the perfect word to describe my experience... Did I had fun? Yes.. but there are moments where I wish I hadn't embark on that journey. Sure, some might say Kinabalu hiking is not that hard but for me I feel like there's a deeper meaning. We started the journey on a nice day... then as we were hiking rain starts pouring heavily and all I can think of is getting to Laban Rata for a hot drink and a cig. But then my cigs was too damp so I had to throw it away. Then I almost want to give up at the top, I almost don't want to go to the lower's peak. But I push myself hard and I made it so that made me happy... so happy. It proves that no matter how tough life is, I will push myself until I get what I want. I am Jacynta... hear me ROAR! lol

So my health diary for 02... 

Cigs : 2

Food : Bfst = Yee mee
           Lunch = Cornetto ice cream
           Snacks = Chocolates a lot of them so I don't fall asleep.
           Dinner = Rice with moringa omelette and stir fry potato with chicken
           Supper = Egg and mayo sandwich

Exercise = None

Health Diary 03

Cigs : 1

Food : Bfst = Egg and Mayo Sandwich
           Snacks = during hiking cadbury chocolate bar.
           Lunch = Chicken ham and cheese sandwich
           Dinner = mixed rice
           Midnight snacks = Prawn crackers

Exercise = I hiked for 6 km in 3 hours.

Health diary 04

Cigs = 0

Food : Early bfst before hiking = Apple and prawn crackers
           Snacks during hiking = half bar of snickers and cadbury chocolate bar    
           Brunch = Fried rice, 2 mini sausages, half pancake with butter, fried egg with herring fish.
           3:30pm Lunch = Half plate spaghetti, prawn crackers, sweet potato fritters, tea.
           Dinner = half bowl of porridge.

Exercise = HIKINGGGG!!!

Health diary 05

Cigs = 0

Food : Breakfast = Roti canai and porridge and half bowl of instant fried noodles.
           Lunch = 0
           Snack = Potato chips shared with Aunty and Nonok.
           Dinner = 2 plates of chicken curry and a tiny... very tiny taste of bosou bakas.  

Exercise = Body sore (*o*)

Ok... lets smile and live. See you blog soon...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cynta's health diary 01

I decided to do a health diary post since I can't push myself to finish my other blogpost and also it's a reminder to myself of why I should stay healthy.

In 2 years time I will be in my 30s and I think it is about time to start taking care of my health seriously since I have so many plans and dream I have yet fulfill so to make sure I don't die before seeing it came true. Thus I have started exercise, at first it was just to make sure I have a good stamina for my kinabalu expedition the I thought maybe I should get rid of my flabby arms... maybe I should tone up my body because I think I can do it.

It's not easy tho... I am addicted to smoking, I can feel my lungs capacity compare to my cousin is very very... weak. Honestly I don't think my addiction is that bad but it's moving towards the right path to lung cancer. I ALMOST smoke a pack a day but then I cut it out to 2 packs a week maybe and 3 if I am super stress at work. I just love inhaling and exhaling that poisonous smoke, my favorite smoking time is during driving because I usually in deep thoughts while driving planning what I would do with my life stuff like that and smoking just help clears my mind. It's not that I don't know that it's bad but I just like it. Like now I am thinking how nice it is if I'm having a smoke right now... Gah! Please you just finish exercising Cynta!

Anyway, I downloaded a workout video today on how to get that inner thigh and small waist line. I almost die doing it, it was a 2 set video and I was supposed to do a 3 set video but I only managed to do 2. I did however jog in my room for 30 minutes and do arm workout for 10 minutes, so my total workout time today is 55 minutes. Yesterday was 45 minutes... I must stick to this routine because I hate seeing all this flabbiness on my body. I don't think I'm fat or chubby... I am quite thin although I did gained weight from my 40kg to 44 - 45kg.

Now I need to have a good diet plan. The problem with my diet is, I don't cook and even if I want to I rent a room without a kitchen and I usually eat out or just skipped meal. When I was at my lightest I wasn't eating at all due to stress I only ate flavorless crackers. My workplace now is a much stress free environment therefore I ate quite a lot and I am craving for that tasty nasi lemak from Gaya street which is my favourite and I am hoping that Ed will text me asking me whether I've eaten or not that I will try to avoid to reply Yes and lied to him saying I am not hungry but still hoping that he will tapao it for me. ARGH!

Please I do not want to end up like Lena Dunham. Fuck... this health thingy making me cranky. So here's my health checkup list which I promise to be as HONEST as possible.

1. Cigarettes = 1+5 (and considering 1 more... last!)

2. Breakfast = 3 piece of leftover honey chicken wings
    Lunch      = Kon lou mee ngiu chap ( I ate half the noodles and finished the soup)
    Dinner     =  Grapes and Mister Potato sour cream & onions chips (which I vomited... never again!)

3. Exercise time = 55 minutes

God help me... Please no tips on this post maybe next post, just give me some fucking motivation.

P/S : guess who just call me?.............................. Ed! and he's bringing me out for a late supper at the mamaks.
P/P/S : Tomorrow will be better since I will be with Daisy, she always make me want to be healthier.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Don't stop me now!

I don't know why is it every time I had an Epiphany I will always start with cleaning my room. In fact I had one just now and TADAH! one clean room for Jacynta and a cigarette that may be my last time for 12 days. I plan to stop smoking for 12 days only because on the 5th of November 2014 I will conquer mount Kinabalu (for the 2nd time). I also vow to be more health conscious since I cannot afford yet a health insurance and also for the obvious vanity reasons. I am joining the #fitness bandwagon and I am scared because I might turn to be one of those snobby fitness bitches I hate so much LOL. Please do slap me if I post my sweaty selfie on instagram.

My on and off fitness relationship started out a few years back and at one point I was serious about it and actually lose weight. But i like to be discreet about it and only a few close friends and family saw how obsess I was at that time. Maybe it's time to be that obsess again, my inspiration was mankofit hopefully this time it will last a life time. I like myself better at that time, I was more focused and I feel much more energetic than before, I almost feel like my teenage self thus I must be more consistent. But first I need to finish my drawings because tomorrow is the fucking deadline.

I also need to drink more water, 4 litre to be exact. I need to wake up early and be more discipline in my workout and beauty regime. What I want in my life right now is, happiness...  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

putus-putus punya post

I've been complaining about how lazy I am to my PO5 but here I am now, wide awake and writing this blogpost... I have quite a lot of unfinish blog post that is so backdated that makes the dinosaur extinction looks like current news.

So here is a short blog post because I feel like typing when I should be sleeping because my neck hurts, my legs hurt and I believe I might have early stage of Parkinson because my hand is shaking as I type this. By the way I need to remind myself that I have to slow down on cigarettes and need to get myself ready to climb the tallest mountain in South East Asia this early November. Yes... FML.


Was interrupted by Ed while writing that. I'm the sort of person that prefer all my private thoughts written while I am alone and free from any kind of surroundings. Although ironically I am writing this now at my office when I am suppose to be doing work. But this is my laziest week ever, I haven't even really finish any work and my room is a mess. Okay... feeling guilty, will stop this and continue after my jog this evening.

**continuation 2**

Finally... finally I have some time to be alone. I miss this so much. I've been going out almost everyday and it's exhausting mentally and physically for me. I am an introvert but I have to admit it I sometimes don't look like one. I like to party and have fun but I LOVE BEING ALONE. It's like I have 2 personality, people normally saw me as maybe a bit aloof but friendly and there's this side of me that are happy that I am alone in my room doing what I want. I don't even care if my bf won't come back home tonight (he seems to be mad at me or maybe I just over analyzed when he's just really busy). Anyway I get to be alone with my thoughts without any interruption from anyone. I finally get to reorganize my thoughts and maybe finish all unfinished business like my long forgotten blogpost, cleaning my room and maybe do some work.

Being alone help me to do a self reflect. I have been quite negative these days... Envious of people and questioning why I don't have what they have, why I am so... I feel like I am a bad person, I feel like nobody really likes me or wants me at all. But I shouldn't be that way I should be grateful... I used to list down all the things I am grateful...

1. I am grateful to be alive and quite healthy even though my smoking seem to be worsen these days but overall I think I am quite healthy.

2. My family loves me and I am pretty sure Edmond love me too in his odd ways.

3. I have friends who can be comfortable around me even though I can be weird and awkward.

4. I have a job and enough money to survive but I have to be better in financial management.

5. I am grateful I have a home to go to.

6. I am grateful I have my pets.

So now I can try to improve myself, to make myself happy first so I can make people around me happy too.

Okay the end. :)    

Monday, August 25, 2014

New day

Hi blog! it only took me 2 months to update you this yay!

Hi, anyway... in case anyone of you forgot how I look like here's a picture of me. 

****awkward silence***

ermm... I don't really have any new updates other than,

I just cut my hair thus no more... 


Anyway, the picture above is a comparison on My 1st day of work and last day of work.

Did I just mention that? Yes, I finally quit my job! so HURRAH!!! *insert hand clapping emoji*

I like my job, I like being an engineer... I like learning things and understanding what I don't really understand during my student days BUT...

I really dislike my workplace, I know the job I signed for require high amount of perseverance. It won't get any easier, the workload will always be heavy, the decision must be precise and I always have to deal with problems because that's one of the job requirement. Problem solving. 

I hated how my ex boss treated me, I feel unappreciated, it's not like I am hoping for a praise in every task I finished but... it's hard for me to put it in words. I feel like a broken record repeating every single shit I was thrown at, how I was being ridicule BUT fuck it...

At least I learn quite a lot. I learn how to handle a strict boss, how to work on a deadline etc... this important things they don't teach you in school. Now when I look back I am amaze on how much shit I can handle and still be short it toughen me and open my eyes for possibility. 


My new workplace is good. I am taking a huge risk accepting this job, it's a start up company and there's a lot of things such as facilities, staffs etc...need to be improve. I like my colleagues and I have a better opportunity compare to the previous job so that had me going. :) Hopefully the future is bright for this company.

Although I do feel a bit lazy and unproductive, I need to remind myself about my goals. I especially hate that I am bloated now, face and body. I feel like a balloon. 

Being unproductive making me feel sloppy, lazy and a slob... That's why I am writing this blogpost. But I am like an ADD kid keep on being distracted. But you have to be inspired to write... I realize as I am writing this, my writing style is kind of defensive. 

The conclusion is I am quite happy, not thoroughly satisfied but okay. I have big dreams and I have to make sacrifices. 

Cheers to all the dreamers may your dreams become reality. Never stop chasing your dream. 


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Half of 2014

I saw QiuQiu's blogpost some time ago where she reviewed her resolutions by mid year so I wanted to do that as well just to remind myself of my goals and will work harder for it. Here's the link of my post.

1. 1.  Be skinny. I don't care if people call me anorexic I want to be skinny. I hate it when people call me curvy or chubby. "Ko bukan gemuk bah, ko berisi sja"...

Okay... I am not skinny as I wish to be which was to weigh 40kg but I do look quite skinny than my December 2012...

I did manage to weigh 40kg.

 This was me at my skinniest, thigh gap and all. Now I am back at 44 kg and I don't know whether I should be happy about it or sad. When I was 40kg I felt very light but I feel weak because I didn't lose it the "healthy way". I was so stressed out because of work I didn't realize I wasn't eating.

That was one of the low point of this year being so depressed with work I became anorexic. Although only my mum was genuinely worried about me at this point, the rest just complimented me of how skinny I've become. 

3. Move out. It's not that I don't like the place I'm currently living but it's getting a bit cramped with all of my stuffs. Beside roomie and I need a fresh start since I'll be working soon.

Still at the same matchbox room that I've been living for the past 4 years. Hopefully can achieve this one by the end of this year.

This one is still an ongoing resolution. I haven't been apartment searching for a while. I really need to get my financial stable for this one or maybe I just aim buying a new house so I got to start saving and plan my financial more efficiently... BUT I WANT TO *insert stuff I want to buy here*. 

Have to be really discipline on this issue! 

I want to own an apartment as nice as this one in the middle of the city preferably overlooking the ocean so I can wake up to a magnificent view every morning then after work relax while watching my favourite TV series on a comfy couch and maybe entertain family/friends once in a while in my marvelous penthouse.   

 4. Learn new things. I need to upgrade my knowledge especially when it comes to software. I need to upgrade my skills in autocad, learn esteem and any damn software related to civil engineering.

Autocad upgraded a lot, learn MiTS, m.excel also improved a lot. This is an on-going resolution so can't check this one yet.

Unfortunately for this one, I am still the same just upgraded autocad skill and a few here and there engineering knowledge. But I believe I will get better, I will be able to move forward and I am so excited to be working at a new company by the end of July! 

  6. Blog more and maybe this year my lookbook will have pictures. I love fashion especially Japanese fashion  and I did try to dress more like them this year. A bit fail tho but nobody can stop me from trying! So here's some of my attempts.

I did blog more than I did 2012... so this is another recycle resolutions. Didn't blog any fashion post tho. 

Can I blame work for this? No... okay... 


The only thing sure about this one is I'm going to climb Mount Kinabalu in November. So I will work harder for the others on that list. 

i.Legoland, Johor with Genesis.

ii. Penang for good food.

iii. Singapore to stalk my favourite bloggers.

iv. Japan for fashion!

v. Bandung for shopping.

vi. Cebu for my uncle's wedding and beautiful island.

vii. Korea for runningman.

viii. Thailand for the "shows".

ix. Hong Kong for Disneyland.

x. Any Sabah island or maybe mount kinabalu again. 

I didn't buy a new laptop though... hohoho... Change my hardisk into a new one and TADAH! feels like using a new one. LOLOLOLOLOL...


Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's real

Yes... it is real.

This loneliness that I feel is real. 
The frustration that I feel is real...
The sense of hopelessness... 
The fear... 


Maybe it's temporary but it's eating me inside and it's not even making me skinnier.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Motivation Monday

As stated in my linkedin profile I am now in my eight months of employment. In my 8 months I am beginning to hate Monday with a vengeance. I can relate to every hate Monday meme post such as these...

 Yep... I am slowly evolving into the typical cubicle 8 - 5 white collar worker. 

The thing is I don't want to feel like that. I try to think of one sole reason that makes me hate my job and all I can think of is my office environment. I used to think that I am a survivor that as an introvert this working environment works for me. I don't have to talk or mingle with people and everybody mind their own business... should be perfect right?

But I just realize that I am not a robot (okay...) and I do need human companionship and I am desperate to be a part of a team where I can relate to. It made me miss my Samur days, I thought that was bad but now I feel even worst. Being isolated in a 6 working staff office is not funny at all, I hate it when I can't understand their language and sometimes I feel discriminated. And then there's a little voice in the back of my head saying, maybe I am not just good enough, maybe I am just a fucking loser. That voice insidiously making me believe how unworthy I am everyday.  

Positivity should help right?

It did help a little. I started listening motivational speech, I pray on my way to work, I read and screen cap motivational speech and I even do a perfect day meditation just to help me keep going for now. Reading inspiring blogpost especially from timothytiah, bongqiuqiu because the positivity is just infectious and other blogs which promote my dream travel list which is Japan

If I complain so much... I should just quit and find another job right?

I did and I am now waiting for the confirmation although sometimes I am on the verge of hopelessness and I have to keep reminding myself to be patient and have faith.

So what can I do? 

In one of the perfect day meditation I hear every morning stated that "If you help people to get what they want, You will get everything that you want". 

I am trying to do that right now... I try my best to help the people I care about. I am genuinely hoping for the best for them. I am trying to get rid off any form of negativity. 

I am hoping for a magical experience and I will not stop believing.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Dear all whoever reading this post. First of all I want to ask, why the hell are you here? Even I don't know why I am writing this at this hour when I am suppose to be resting after a long day at work. It's not actually long I work 9 hours a day (yes, I skipped lunch almost every day). I am exhausted with my job... I don't even know how to make my job enjoyable anymore... I kind of hate everything right now and all I want to do now is to be with myself.

I hate going out... I hate meeting people, I hate waking up at 6.30am everyday, I hate getting stuck in the jam everyday, I hate my working life it's been months since I last go out and have fun with my friends. I have been postponing because I always don't have enough money and I don't want to. What am I kidding... maybe I am suffering some new employee depression. Okay.. I am just making that such thing for an Asian to have a depression.   

So what I'm doing right now is documenting this moment so when I read this after a few months after this, I will be laughing. I mean I should be, I signed up for this, things will always be the same for an engineer.  I will always have to deal with deadline, people pressuring me, sitting on the same spot for 9 hours... even the most positive people will be demotivated.

I need a vacation right... But I feel like I am a weak person if I do that, if other people can do it. Why can't I do it? I can do this... I can do this. I am not weak...just very very very demotivated.

  Look at my desk... This is actually quite clean. Files, drawing plan keep piling up. I am mentally tired right now. Even writing this post making me tired. 

So abrupt end because I want to do nothing and maybe after this I will be refresh and motivated to take over the world again.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

When Miuns go picnic


Hello, I am back again. It is almost the end of the month and I am just about to blog what I done on my very long (1 week) holiday during Chinese New Year.  But since I am a Miun and Miuns don't really have many options for a getaway... Nevertheless I still enjoyed my holiday so much that I can't wait for next year Chinese New Year. So here's a miun's style for a budget but fun way to spend time with family.


My family loves picnic... Picnic a fun way to relax and spend quality time. It's relatively cheap, the only thing you have to spend is fuel and of course food... Food is the most important thing in a picnic. It's a must to have food that can feed the entire village than to have less. I think if an apocalypse going to happen soon, my family will be very well prepared for that (even if it's a zombie apocalypse).  

Location: Pantai Dalit
Weather: Gloomy

1. Momurimon, Bercerita and listening to all our family silly jokes.
2. Mandi laut la, apa lagi. Swimming by the sea.
4. Counting the numbers of rubbish 
5. Killing innocent crabs and destroying their homes.
6. NAP

other miscellaneous activities such as "beach sea art", "tanning", "dog walking" etc... can be included from time to time.  

Not many pictures were taken that day since it started raining and then we went back to my parents house to resume our picnic indoors and momut all day watching movies.

  The thing about picnics is even though when the beach flies may terrorize us, we end up sticky afterwards, we might spend too much time looking for that perfect spot, there may not be a proper toilet or wash area, we pack too much food... I try to never miss a picnic with my family because,

There's a sense of adventure like exploring new places, it's our bonding time even though what we mostly do now is just lazing around.  During my childhood it's a time where I can meet my cousins because during that time, there were no internet, no smartphones and we cannot drive yet so it's the only time where we can play together, making adventures of our own.

Picnic spots in Sabah we visited so far.

1. Tanjung Aru
Oh gawd... I look like a whale jumping. LOL

Crowded on weekends but is relatively clean and safe with a lot of picnic hut so you don't have to bring fold able table but maybe you can bring extra chairs if you want too.

Tanjung Aru is divided by 3 area, the first beach, second beach and third beach.

At the first beach is where you can buy snacks and tidbits also have a proper meal but I am seriously giving advice to all of you reading this if you ever order "Cheese Burger" beware because it might be just grilled buns with cheese and a lot of chilli sauce it it. There's also lots of events held here like music festival and beach party. There's a bar, a restaurant... in short first beach is not for picnics more like a place where you can chill by the beach.

 Great sunset pictures.

Second beach apparently also have a restaurant but there is only one and it is still quite near to the playground. There's an open area with beautiful green grass, I hate to say this but most of the picnic facilities at Tanjung Aru is worn out and seriously need maintenance. Still a nice place to have a picnic though. Less crowd there too compare to the first beach.

Third beach... actually I am not quite sure this place still existed because the last time I went there some part of the beach has been demolished for airport runway project.     

2. Tanjung Lipat

It's the new "It" beach, seems like people are flocking there every weekends and it's very pack. But the playground are new and they have a good working toilet. Quite adequate picnic facilities but packed and you can still spot quite a lot amount of rubbish.

However it has been upgraded tremendously since my last picnic there with my family. My last picnic was 7 months ago...
 Making a sand castle with cute kids.

Now, not only you can go picnic there... You can do the miun style exercise by not going to the gym (face it gym fees are expensive and even the RM10 per class I cannot afford) and jog, skate, cycle whatever your preference by the beach.  If you are so thick skinned you can even zumba by the beach, just bring along your boom box and dance like nobody's business.

But parking space may be a problem for this area. I'm not sure whether it is the lack of parking space or Sabahan just park wherever they want which can be dangerous if something unexpected happened... ~palis-palis

3. Karambrunai, Lagoon Park.

You have to pay RM10 per person and additional fees to used the banana boat there. It's a good place if you're planning to do some tanning since it's quite a private beach so you won't have people gawking at you.

We used to lived quite near to this place, my Bapa cycled to the park.

One of our family peeves must set up tent for ALL PICNIC. Told you, Lidi clan are ready for anything. 

You can use all the facilities at the Lagoon Park and there is no hidden cost, unlike Mimpian Jadi resort. Will blog about this some other time. 

Bikini picture to increase blog traffic. :P

4. Kibunut river

This used to be our favorite picnic spot but the place is quite dangerous now. My aunt heard there's actually crocodiles there, so we kind of stop going there. We used to camp there, the place is quite okay. There's a public toilet, tap, a picnic hut and a barbecue place. The fee was quite cheap around RM2 or RM1 per person.


5. Pantai Manis
To be honest we only went to this place once when I was still in my primary school years. The beach was clean I don't really remember much but we had a lot of fun here. Maybe I should suggest the elders to do a picnic here again.

6. Dantai beach
Blog about this before so do visit this LINK. It's at Kota Belud by the way.

7. Mahua Waterfall.
I am a warm blooded mammal so couldn't really enjoy freezing cold water. Heard that the place has been upgraded tho. Maybe should visit here again since it's at my kampung.


Apparently the last time I went there was with my boyfriend. (-_-)

This post kind of a walk to the memory lane for me. As stated in my instagram I am a photo hoarder. I really, really can't delete any photos unless I really had to which is rare and I treasure all my photos.  So thank technology for external hard disk!

Now that all of us are getting older, we spend less time with each other... busy with work, school and other activities...


No matter how far we will go, no matter how hectic our life will be, No matter how crazy our family is...
Family always come first.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kumbaya My lord...

Or in my case... "Kumaya". LOL (Kumaya in Dusun means Getting Rich)

The rough time are going to come, But...they have not come to stay.
They have come to pass.
When unexpected events happened... Your life at that moment either goes in slow motion or speed up every seconds that made you wonder what the hell happened? But one thing in common with those two is, the moment will pass.

Right now I am worried, scared, stress and wish that the world is at its apocalypse verge so everything will vanish including me. But that won't be happening anytime soon and maybe if we took good care of Earth maybe there won't be one. I face to face reality, put my warrior princess mode and fight!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Dedicated to all dreamers.

I don't know what that dream is that you have,
I don't care how disappointing is might have been as you working towards that dream.
But that dream that you're holding in your mind that it's POSSIBLE.

That some of you already know that it's's not easy.
That in the process of working on your dreams, that you are going to incur a lot of disappointment.
A lot of failure... A lot of pain... 
and Moments when you're going doubt yourself  
For those of you that experienced some hardships...
Don't give up on your dream.
The rough time are going to come, But...they have not come to stay.
They have come to pass.

Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste - you know it's something that truly exists in all of us. It's very simple, this is what I believe and I'm willing to die for it. Period. It's that simple. And that's all I need to know, so from there you do what you need to do. I think what happens is we make this situation more complex than it has to be (because we're looking for complexity). - Will Smith

Most people, they raise a family, they earn a living and then... they die. 
They stop growing, They stop working on themselves, stop stretching.
They stop pushing themselves that a lot of People like to Complain...
But they don't wanna do anything about their situation,
and most people don't work towards their dream.. Why?!
One is because of Fear.. The fear of failure...
and the fear of success.. This is not a risk taker. 

You spend so much time with other people,
You spend so much time trying to make people like you.
You know more of the people than YOURSELF.
You study them... You know about them...
You want to hang out like them. 
You Want To Be Just Like Them,
and you know what... 
You invested so much time with them...
You don't know who you are. 

It's necessary that you get the Losers OUT OF YOUR LIFE,
If you want to live your dreams.
For people that moving towards that dream, Life has some SPECIAL kind of meaning.

When you become the RIGHT PERSON.
You start separating yourself from other people,
you began to have some certain of uniqueness.
As long as you follow other people, as long as you be a copy cat.
You will never ever be the best copy cat in the world. 
But You Will Be The Best You Can Be.
I'm challenging you to define your value.

That Everybody won't see it... Everybody won't join you that Everybody won't have the vision.
It's necessary to know that YOU ARE AN UNCOMMON BREED. 
It's necessary that you aligned yourself with people and attract people into your business, who are hungry, people who are unstoppable and unreasonable. 
People who refuse to live life just as it is and who want More.
The people that living their dreams of becoming WINNERS, to test themselves to.
The people who are living their dreams, people that know if it's going to happen it's up to them. 

If you want to be more successful, if you want to have and do stuff you never done before.
I'm asking you to INVEST IN YOU.

“‎Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”Les Brown

That you don't have to go through life as a victim.

and even if you face disappoinment, you have to know within yourself that I can do this even if no one else sees it for me... I must see it for myself.

No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I'm GOING TO MAKE IT. 

I want to represent an idea, I want to represent possibilities.

That someone like you, right now. You know what I'm saying, you want to go to the next level. I want to be a counsel, I want to be an ENGINEER, I want to be a doctor. 

Listen to me... You can't get to that level economically where you want to be until you start investing in your mind. 

I dare you to invest in your time.

I dare you to be alone.

I dare you to spend hours to get to know yourself.

 When you become who you are, when you become the person you created to be, Design to Be. When you become an individual. What you do is take yourself and start separating yourself from other people. I'm telling you to get a place where people don't like you and don't even bother you no more. Why? Because you're not concern of trying to make them happy. You're trying to get to the next level. 

I'm challenging you to INVEST IN YOUR MIND.

If you're still talking about your dream..

If you're still talking about your goals..

If you have not done anything... TAKE THE FIRST STEP.

That you can make your parents proud, you can make your school proud.

You can touch million of people lives and the world will never be the same again because you came this way. DON'T LET ANYBODY STEAL YOUR DREAM.

After we face rejections and you know when you have a meeting and no one show up or somebody says you can count on me and they don't come through. 

Nobody believer in you, you lost again and again.

Your lights has come off but you're still looking out your dreams. 

When you and everyday you say to yourself.





Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The miun's lunch

Good afternoon... My lunch hour everyday is from12pm to 1pm. 1 hour to eat and relax... There are a few restaurant near my office but today I am skipping lunch. Not because I am on a diet (well I am on a 'money diet') but because I forgot my wallet at home. I have only an 800ml water bottle and that is the only source of energy I have. 

Although usually if I got some money to spend I usually buy my lunch at Breaktime Cafe and my meal there will cost me RM4.50 and RM22.50 per week if I have lunch for 5 days.  RM4.50 is a mix rice dish where you pick 2 type of dish and white rice. I usually picked stir fried vegetables and japanese tofu and add a bit curry gravy. Oh... yum!

 My lunch budget is RM5< excluding drink around RM100< per month.

4 miun's star out of 5. Because I can get RM2.50 worth food here. LOL and it's under my budget!

But if I'm in the mood for Chinese food, Foh Chuan!

I give 2 Miun's stars out to 5.

Can't really remember the price since I rarely go there ony when I just got my salary. But it usually will cost me around RM8 for a simple meal like pork fried rice or konomen saunyuk.

There's also 2 malay restaurant which serve mix rice and ala carte dish. Sari Bonda and Wan Tomyam, food rating price is almost similar although Wan Tomyam specialty seem to lean more towards peninsular Malaysia cuisine type of food and Sari Bonda more Bruneian cuisine.

 I give 2 Miun's stars out to 5.

3 Miun's stars out to 5 just because I like Nasi Katok.

If I had to pick from the 2 of them I would picked Sari Bonda because it serves Nasi Katok!!!

Nasi katok is a cuisine almost similar to Nasi Lemak but the sambal is more sweeter than Nasi lemak's. And there's fried chicken! I first tasted Nasi Katok at Lawas during my internship at Sipitang. I immediately fall in love with it would love to visit Brunei one day to taste an authentic Nasi Katok. Nasi Katok at SariBonda cost RM5.00, they also serve nasi ayam penyet and nasi imbang.

At Wan tomyam, the only food I tried was the cheapest; chicken fried rice. Normal fried rice and top with chicken chop and cost me about RM6. I haven't tried the tomyam tho... I am a bit biased when it comes to tomyum, the only tomyum I like was at WanWan and Bakut both own by Chinese. Most tomyum I had at a malay restaurant sucks beside WanWan is quite close to my office.

Almost forget, a tad bit expensive for my lunch budget though but this restaurant serve quite okay chicken/sau nyuk/duck rice. But my favorite chicken/ sau nyuk fan is still at the Kedai Kopi Gunung Emas, people will be lining to get tapao from that restaurant and that is a rare scene in KK.

2 Miun's stars out to 5. Mahal la inda berapa sedap lagi...

So if anyone of you are coming to my office area during lunch hour to buy me lunch, feel free to email me at I'm not a fussy eater and I'm free every Monday to Friday at 12-1pm, hehehe. 

Okay...I just unabashedly asked for free lunch. Abrupt end since my lunch hour already finished and I have work to finish. 

Till then ~~ Cynta


Monday, February 10, 2014

Survival of the Miun...

What is Miun?


Miun is a word derived from the word Kunsikang or Miunsikang. It is not known whether the word Kunsikang or Miunsikang is an authentic Dusun word. The word Miunsikang was invented by Richard Lidi which has been repeated repetitively by the Lidis as an inside joke. Miun simply means the act of being poor.&nbsp;

eg: Si Cynta mimang miun.
 Miun suda sia ini bulan.

I read an article online recently about Sabah being one of the most expensive state ---> LINK. I never lived anywhere outside Sabah other than visiting but the cheapest food I ever encounter was from Labuan where a bowl of konomen cost RM3 per person and nasi ayam CP which is RM2.80 per person (which I am not sure whether the price is still the same or not).

As the article stated it is true that in Sabah the salaries are lower than Peninsular Malaysia. The salary for an entry level executive with a degree is less than 2k and for a diploma holder less than 1.5k. To eat at a restaurant for a person is around rm8++ and even buying groceries the price is a bit higher than peninsular Malaysia although I couldn't really confirm this one since I don't cook and rarely buy any groceries except for snacks etc... But a friend of mine (from peninsular) said the KFC value meal the one that have rice+1 piece of chicken+ drink, have an additional coleslaw but only KFC at peninsular. Anyone who can confirm this please comment. &nbsp;

Let me introduce myself first, My name is Jacynta and as stated in my url my nickname is cynta and no, my nick name wasn't made after the Indonesia Hit Movie or That Malay song. I am a fresh graduate Sabahan and working as a junior engineer at a local civil and structure consultant firm. My salary is under 2k and I live from paycheck to paycheck.&nbsp;

To make it easier for you to understand clearly, here's my monthly budget.

Things I have to pay
1. Car loan = RM480
2. Prepaid topup = RM80 (For internet and calling)
3. Personal loan = RM150
4. PTPTN loan = RM50++ (Haven't started yet planning to soon)
5. Room Rent = RM125 (Divide half with roommate)

Total = RM885 excluding PTPTN =RM835

And that's, half of my salary gone...

This month I also gave my parents a bit money for ASTRO bill and Groceries... oh and also birthday present for Bapa = RM350

Leaving me around RM500 until the end of the month which I have to save for fuel budget and food budget. Fuel budget consist more than half of that (damnit proton saga! not so fuel saving!). So mathematically proves I can't pay my PTPTN just yet and also I can't save any money just yet.

I also don't really have any budget for entertainment or shopping. Even buying facial skincare will burn a hole through my pocket. But the government told us to spend money effectively and efficiently according to what we need and here's my justification of all the things I spend.

My car, I need it for work. Distance between my workplace and rental room is approximately 15km and going back home to Tuaran add another 26km. If I take the bus it will be cheaper, true... but my work start at 8am and end at 5pm. The earliest bus if I'm not mistaken is 6am and it will not pass by my neighborhood, to take it I have to walk at least 2km to the main road. Taking the bus is quite fussy and a 30 minutes route (+ early morning traffic jam) will take about 40 minutes, although there will be no traffic jam in the morning and it will be less that 40 minutes. But the bus from my neighborhood will only take me to the city centre bus station and that's where the problem start. Bus to my workplace is a mini bus which meant they will only start the engine when there are at least 5 passengers. The waiting time is unpredictable so getting to work on time is a 50/50 situation. Oh... and taking bus after work, I have to walk to the nearest bus stop which located 2km from my workplace. So that is my justification on why I need a car, pretty reasonable right?

Prepaid topup... why RM80 and why 2 numbers? RM50 is to pay for my internet plan this actually can be reduce but internet is the only cheap entertainment I can get. RM30 is for my other number which only for calls and contacting people without internet plan.

Personal loan was made to pay for my school's fee. PTPTN loan was for my diploma (I had my diploma in a private college) and for my degree my parents help to pay but at the end of the semester I pay everything myself. I don't want to burden my parents anymore since I am old enough to pay my own bills.

Room rent;&nbsp; obviously... yes I can live with my parents at TUARAN!!! which is approximately 41KM!!! from my workplace and there is no bus pass by my parents house. Beside I like living independent, wash my own clothes, clean my room only when it look like a nuclear disaster, eat when I want, watch what I want but I still love going back Tuaran on the weekends, home cooked food and being around family is nice.

You can't really expect me to not help my parents pay the bills right? My Bapa turn 52 this year and he deserve an awesome presents from his children! Also this is my first job, it's logical that children should spend their parents after all the sacrifice they've done. My sister and I bought him an Arowana fish which cost us RM218 after discount (-_-").

So yeah, now... I have less than RM200 including fuel budget until payday (it's only the 10th of February) and this is why I am a miun.

Till the next post for "Survival of the Miun" ~~ Cynta