Thursday, December 19, 2013

Graduated officially!

So 24th November marks the day that I officially graduated from engineering school. I am so glad and relief that after all that... after all the assignments, test, midterms, final exams and final year paper, I can look back at it now and say I FUCKING SURVIVED ENGINEERING SCHOOL.

I may not be the brightest and my grades are mostly average, I managed to overcome my sense of hopelessness which if any of you reading this is my main concern in the early days of my blog posts. Now I finally am an engineer and not just an engineer but a design engineer which something that I wanted as a career launch. I am happy and thankful that I graduated.

This blog post is dedicated mostly to the people around me who supported me all through graduation.

To my parents with their never ending support, I did one time really wanted to quit because I felt that I don't have what it takes and they were the one who encouraged me.

To my relatives and siblings especially Uncle Petrus and Uncle Richard who got me into the program. Thank you Nancy, Wewen, Daisy, Nonoi, Wiwin, Wawan, Ipik and of course Nonok.

To my besties Siti, Farah, GG, Sasa, Bb, Pika, Pyang, Ejah and all the course mates I befriended during all those wretched school years. Thank you being my friend I know I am not the best friend a person would have and I quote one of my besties, "anti social and awkward" (sometimes)... Yep that's me, believe or not. Thanks for keeping up with little old me, thanks for all the patience, thanks for all the support. I really cannot ask a better group of friends than I have now and I sincerely can say that you guys really are my best friends. Love you all IP GIRLS! I hope we will always keep in touch no matter how old we are, and wherever we are.

Lastly to my love. Yes, the only person who knew me best other than my Mama. I cannot express my gratitude in words (also because of my limited vocabulary), I love you, I know you won't be reading this but thank you boo without you (insert all cheesy lovey dovey stuff). Things will get better now, I promise you.

        Here are the convocation presents I got. Friends also gave us a bouquet flowers and Ma also gave me one, I specifically told her not to get me one but she went on and bought me fake flowers bouquet without any stupid stuffed animals tho. She already gave me a gold bracelet that morning, that was more than enough and my mother is the best. :)    

I was genuinely surprised receiving so much gifts, I really didn't expected to get any and not only that I get a party. I was already happy that my parents wanted to attend my graduation although I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to pay for that myself. Although I didn't get to take any pictures with my dad at the convocation hall, I am glad that he attended although after he saw me on stage receiving my degree, he gladly rush to the exit. LOL

Before my convocation and before the chaos. 

I arrive at my university quite early actually but I forgot to collect some kind of pass which need to be given to a person that will scan it into some machine that will read my name and name will appear on the big screen. I got scolded because I was the only one that didn't collected that fucking pass, got scolded again because my appearance is not up to par... In short I was a mess on my convocation. But I already got up on the stage, received my degree and have nothing to worry about anymore! YAY!!!

I also got a convocation party at my house which is kind of lame I guess, since some people came to the party expected that it will be lots of people. But no... the party is PERFECT for me, just family. They also gave me a cake for it! I got my degree, a party, a cake and presents!

Also a few convocation pictures which can be view from my instagram. Follow me @cyntacinta at instagram!

Of course to my one and only Mother. She is my biggest supporter, my love and I don't think I can live without her... not yet. Thank you so much Ma for EVERYTHING!


Well that was a month ago. The post was written around that time but I got so caught up with work that I didn't get a chance to finish it. Anyway as December is my birthday month and also Christmas of course! I think I had a rather adult-ish birthday means I got no presents on my birthday this year not even from stupid boyfriend because I just bought myself A MUTHAFUCKIN CAR!!!!

Okay... it was nothing special, just a... 


Yes, I know it one of the cheapest car in the market right now and I got the *hides face with hand* SV (super value) but the fact that I am able to buy it after 2 month of employment! (There's actually a fresh graduate scheme for that)... and using my own hard earned money! *saying this with flaring nose and fist gripping showing my enthusiasm* Is something to be proud of and it came out just around my birthday! 

The only problem I have now is how to survive this month being broke as fuck. 

But anyway, next week is PAYDAY! So all this can now stop... wait. But if I keep this up I can save a lot of money. hmmm... Maybe then I can really write "Survival of The Miuns". Miuns = Broke, don't know if it's an actual dusun word but my uncle always says that, "Miun, Miunsikang, Kunsikang". Whatever it's a book on how to survive being a broke ass. But I'll talk about this subject on another post. 

Till then...