Friday, October 11, 2013


Finally, get a chance to sit down and be alone in my room. Not having anyone to talk is kind of a relief even though in my office, I rarely chat with my colleagues. Come to think of it nobody really chat with anyone even when the Boss is not in the office and our office is a very small office so you might imagine that there'll be a tight bond between us but no. All of us usually arrived on the dot at 8am and go back home on the dot 5pm. We are quite punctual people but not workaholic I think because nobody stays after 5pm.

It might sound boring but I like it... maybe I'm a boring person. NOOOO... I consider myself sometimes talkative only in my small circle of family and friends. I like my job but sometimes it gave me mini panic attack everyday because I'm afraid that I might screw up and the Bos will fired me or scold me. But overall my working environment is nice...

For 2 days, I haven't slept good. I usually slept around 10pm so I'll be motivated to do my job and most importantly can think clearly. Right now I am thinking about the earthworks calculation and my Boss asked me to check whether the given report is correct but I found some conflicting values and it worries me. Also, since roommate working hours is different from mine, I have to borrow cars from Ipik and Noi. Why both?... not because I'm greedy but yesterday was one hell of a day. Ipik's car security system decided to fuck me up and then roommate's car been locked by the parking security because he parked at a reserve parking area. So my kind brother lend me his car for the time being. FUCK SECURITIES!!!

I spend too much money already and I know I shouldn't be worrying about it so I spend RM30 buying lunch for people I love today. Hehehe... how is that going to help me save? I don't and I don't want to give a fuck. I am happy I can finally spend my own hard earn money and it's nice to be independent for once.

This post was supposed to be more... well I am rambling because I feel tired and also glad that I am finally home alone to smoke, bath and then sleep.


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