Friday, September 13, 2013

If you dare come a little closer.

So round and around I go... 

I always do this. I promise myself I will blog more but then I forgot that promise because I thought I was too busy for my blog. But anyway, I am here again... if anyone cares that is. I don't why it feels good to announce a comeback to expect people still care about you, still curious about you... when all this time people stumble into my blog mostly from google search of my Porn in 3D post (Yep, you perv I am definitely talking about you). 

Right now I am feeling grateful, I finally started working! YAY! I've been whining how pitiful I was all this time and I finally can say I got a job. Thanks to my lucky star I didn't have to plant grape that long...Geddit? Grape = Anggur, Plant = Tanam?... *Cue awkward laugh* Okay moving on... I am going into my 3rd week of being an *ahem* engineer and I get what I wanted that is to start in a consultant firm so I can really understand the core of engineering. Aiseh... 

Anyway, talking about engineers... Have you guys ever notice that engineers are a bunch of arrogant assholes? Engineering student always feel that since our course is a killer and only the "bright" student will get into engineering course that we have the right to shove it to the less unfortunate people who didn't get into engineering that we are better than them. The truth is engineers are a bunch of insecure snobs. I am quite embarrass this particular criteria which is very obvious especially when you see those facebook page "Trust me I'm an Engineer" or any 9gag posting about how awesome engineering course is. Engineering school is actually a nerd fest even the ones that don't look like a nerd is a nerd once you get him/her in a conversation. 

We are taught and brainwashed to feel superior above others. Every welcoming speech of any engineering school the Dean will praise the fresh first year students that they are the chosen ones. They are lucky to get in because only the smart people can get into engineering course. Even if your CGPA sucks you still much better than others because your course is only for smart people and you're just lazy. That is how engineering school created arrogant assholes. 

I try not to become one but the force is strong on that one. Sometimes I find myself snickers whenever I hear a other courses complaining how hard their subject is and to the people who thinks that they like math but are not in engineering (NOOOOO). I hate it when I feel that way, I am no way better than others and whatever happened in school was me trying to survive. 

Being happy that is my only goal in life not to feel superior and belittle people. We are created equal so arrogant assholes please drop the holier than thou act. Gah... venting about this stresses me out. I am just so glad and happy that I manage to finish it. 

Trying to think anything I want to add in this post. Hmm... 

Angry post (check)
Swearing (check)
Happy (check)

So... the end?
Nope... not yet. 

This post is just full of negativity that I need to write a more positive side to balance it out. 


  And that is what I did. I don't want to blog about what I've done to make me feel that way. Only that I am glad I got family, loving life partner and friends that will back me up. They were the ones supported me throughout these years. 

Especially my mother, she is the only one that never stop believing in me who loves me unconditionally. She is the only person who won't leave me when I'm at the bottom. Thank you Ma for everything. 

I guess... Abrupt ending. Will blog more soon and must improve writing skills as well this language I'm writing in... oh and also designing skills.

Cheers and Bye!

Happy faces with my nieces and little brother.

Goodnight and happy working to me on Saturday (T_T)

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