Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Positive bah...

I am feeling good right now even though pms is creeping and I have already started verbally abusing my boyfriend. Thank god, I have a patience understanding boyfriend. Anyway... interview today went pretty good methinks. I am still in awe and very excited and nervous. Will share this good news soon. 

On another news... finally get the pictures from our groupon deal photoshoot! Come, come have a look. 

As the Tukang jual obat sezs..."Yang jauh mari dekat, Yang dekat mari Rapat" (orang Sabah tau ni dialog kalau biasa pigi tamu, kalau tidak pernah pigi, oho bukan pure Sabahan kau ni tau). 

The theme of our photoshoot was "Show your true color". 

Dress from Mywardrobe = RM25. 
Leopard print earring = RM10
Tattoo stockings = RM20
Watch by Elle design

My look supposed to be harajuku fashion mobster with my machine gun tattoo stocking, but damnit the photog fail to get that part in my pic FML. But overall I look pretty with my signature no smile pose. My other smiling pictures look so fake.   

This is the 1st time I wore the dress. I always thought I'm not skinny enough to wear it, I was wrong. I can now wear body hugging dress without feeling insecure. Hurrah!

See... senyuman tidak ikhlas ku. Euww... I look as if I'm forcing my smiles to come out. Well, the photog did commented that I should smile. Ugh... will not listen to any photog anymore, why can't they let me be with my no smile pose.

4 very satisfied customer we are. We're thinking of doing this again soon! Maybe before Christmas. 

Bah, I'm gonna end this blog post now. See you soon.  

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