Thursday, August 22, 2013

I dream of a dream

Haha... Since I am back in my blogging mode again. I feel an urge to blog more of my thoughts nowadays. It is just not healthy to keep it inside my mind and go crazy by over thinking it. So... I finally done with my VIVA which is disappointing for me but I got over confident since I thought that it is my last ever semester so I was a little bit over confident. I didn't revised my presentation at all and I thought my formatting was okay so didn't really bother to check it. I hope though that it will not affect my marks. Ugh... what the hell... I'm going to graduate anyway and then next month I will be in a new environment. So yay! 

I've been daydreaming too much nowadays. I dream that Edmond and I moves away from this shoe box room and we're living in an apartment. We have a dog that lives with us, not really sure what the breed is but I am hoping for it to be a shiba inu. I want a labrador but labrador is not suitable for apartments and I bet that Edmond and I will be working most of the time during weekdays so labs tend to go crazy if left alone. 

This is dog type of dog that I want for my apartment hehehe. His name is Maru and I've been stalking him on instagram a lot and whenever I feel bored, sad or just fulfilling my duties as an instagram addict I will stalk him. He is just the cutest dog ever, so fluffy and well mannered. I want a dog exactly like this... but whatever type of breed I will get albeit that if it's a mongrel I will still showered my pup with love. 

I also imagine myself going on a vacation somewhere... who am I kidding that vacation is to Tokyo, of course! with I want to say Edmond but I prefer it to be with a group of closed people that I love hanging out with. Edmond has this kind of introvert attitude where he prefers to be just the two of us together. But that would be boring and we definitely will get into a fight and argue most of the time where we want to go so travelling in a group would be better. After Japan maybe to his dream trip Manchester. It's been a long time since the two of us went to any trip at all, with him busy with work and me busy with school. 

So that is just some of the near future thing that I imagine will be. Hopefully that my dream will come true. 5 years of doing the same routine is sickening and it's time for a change to our life. But I am happy right now, I am gradually become happier everyday now that I know that I should be grateful and I also learn to control my negative emotions so that it will not forever haunt my life. I think all this is from the love and support I get. 

And there's this little project that I am working with my sisters. Hope that we won't get discourage and the progress is very very slow but I hope we won't give up. If we have made a significant progress to the project I will definitely post it up. 

For now, I'll just keep doing what I love... That is taking photos, getting slimmer, reading books, blogging, drawing and of course being with my love ones. 

Cheers and Goodbye to the old life and Hello and Welcome to a new beginning. 


Nancy Pishori said...

Jangan lupa itu goal mau beli at least satu designer bag. hahahahha!

CyntaCinta said...

Yesss! Sma designer shoes!