Monday, August 19, 2013


Just had my first job interview ever! Well... as a fresh grad tho.  I just needed to vent my frustration and maybe after this post I will feel much better. The interview was quick and totally not what I expected, I feel that my current qualifications is so... mediocre and not confident enough to do anything at all. I regretted that I didn't study serious enough and am always distracted. 

I cannot let myself fall into this negativity whirlpool! I must stay positive and work much harder to be charming and not present myself as someone who is clueless. I have this habit of making a bad first impression. My teenage awkwardness is not 100% off from the system. Damn... I did try my best to sound as if I knew... but I haven't done any homework so I couldn't say anything impressive. I keep repeating that I understand the work on site blablabla... and it lasted only 15 minutes... 

I hope I can give this impression that I'm tough enough to handle stress on site and will be able to work! OK... done rambling need to study for test and for another interview tomorrow. See you soon blog.           

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