Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August come faster please...

Right now, I wish I have a remote control on life like the one Adam Sandler got in his movie"click". Albeit the point of the movie was to enjoy life as it is but I can't simply do that yet. Finally after years of being stuck in HK01, I will finally graduate this October which is not something I look forward tho because I'm not too keen in participating convocation. I just don't really see the point of wearing that hat and robe and the whole process seem like a bore to me. I did that once and the only reason that I'm going to the whole thing again is my dad.

So... technically I haven't really finished my study yet. I still got this final year project until the end of this month. I am panicking right now since I haven't finished my thesis and a virus called trojan decided to eat my jpg files which contains all my progress pictures. Until now I haven't retrieve the files because... (Just had an epiphany I remembered that I had a similar case once HALLELUJAH!). Tried...

and FAIL (btw the 2 paragraph above were written last month and it is finally August!)

So... I'm not really in a mood for retelling the story, in the end I have to print screen the picture, I submitted my thesis... YAY! and now am jobless. Any potential employer reading this please refer to my CV here

Anyway... since I currently have no important things to do might as well do something before I die of boredom. So here's what I have been doing...

It's a fitness studio. I've been spending my time here most of the time these days. Doing Zumba Monday until Friday while pigging out with the boyfriend. What's up with him?... He got a new job at this new hip restaurant in KK. so YAY!... 

Here's some photos from my instagram feed. If you're not following me then follow me naw! Lol... I always follow back if you're not a creep. 

We ate fish and chips and lamb chop last Sunday and that day was perfect. Woke up when I wanted to, good food, good company, Manchester United won, Watch a good movie and had a good night sleep. 

Other than living my life as a housegirlfriend, I went on a photoshoot with my aunt, cousin and sister. 

I am grateful that I am surrounded my people that I love even though some of them drives me crazy. I just want to be reminded every day how happy they make me and let all this positive energy flows so the negativity will go away. 

So... here's to a good month and year... It's not too late for a new beginning. 

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