Friday, April 5, 2013

The first post of April

Wow... I promised myself to blog at least once a week but then I am too preoccupied with... hell I don't even know what makes me busy. What I've been doing mostly is going to classes, jogging, finishing last minute assignments, being annoyed at someone and ermm... enjoying life?

The truth is I don't know what makes me super busy is not that I'm doing my FYP (there's no actual progress there), I'm not doing any studying (finishing last minute assignments is not studying) and that's the 2 most important thing I should be doing right now. The only real work I did is jogging which I loooove! because it takes my mind off any stress.

What I've been doing was catching up all the "rest" I needed, spending time with families and day dreaming. ARGHHH!!! I should be panicking because it is the middle of the semester and I haven't even do any real work on my FYP also nil studying.

I don't want to get any panic attack because that would do me no good at all since I am a very panicky person. It annoys me when my friends teased me of being panic like they never panic before. I hate it when they teased me that because it only worsen my panic attack. What I need when I'm panicking is silent and away from people that causing the panic.

Well, complaining won't do any good, action is more important. Since I am easily panic, I guess I work better alone. I don't want to listen noisy voices being with people that make me feel stupid. I don't want to bother with other people's problem. I don't need to be to reliable one or to be the saviour in every single problem that is not mine. It sound selfish but I need my own time to solve my own work. I have to set my priorities correctly.

My "correct" priorities is :

1. FYP
3. Exercise

Enough of this self pity post... Lemme update the happier side of my life. Roomie/Boyfriend/ArchEnemy got a new job! YAY!!! I can't really announce it yet but I'm so excited for him and last night I saw him doing some research made me feel so proud and loved that my baby is brave enough to take the risk for us (I love you so much!). Our life will be getting much better, thank you god! That's why I need to stop fooling around and finish my studies so we can a better life than now. I don't want to live in this matchbox room any more.

I want to live in this apartment!
Imagine dining with a beautiful view of the sea/city... Well, my dream apartment condo would be at The Peak. I really like it there, I like that kind of lifestyle. Although probably I couldn't own a dog there since a dog need a space where it can run around especially a Labrador. But I saw one of the owner (or maybe that's the maid... not sure) walk her lab along the coastline. Well I assumed they came from The Peak that means even though I live at The Peak I can own a lab. YAY! <--- again.="" daydreaming="" nah="" nbsp="" p="">

Ok la... I have to go back to work. I need to finish it up so I can focus on my school work. :) Wish me luck and hopefully my attention span will last longer than a lab. lololololol... 


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