Monday, March 11, 2013

I Mishu Blog

Hey you...

I mishu so much. I've been so busy with real life that I had to neglect you. But I am back for good and I promise to see you at least once a week. I can't afford a shrink and maybe a little writing will help me to keep my sanity.

Anyway... what have to be done is done. All I need to do now is to keep on fighting till the end. I am excited though I am still my oldself the procrastinator and that is what holding me from fighting. Damnit I am too old to be ADD and I need this to work. Dear lord help me...

On another note... one of my dog died. The sweet purak... killed so that she'll be out of her misery. Her life was so short and sad. She had a severe infection on her head and won't let anyone near her. She refuse to eat, her baby died inside her and she went blind. She was a living corpse. I wish I getbto know her but after piso died I never really love another dog.

What's the matter with me... updating you with sad news. I'm being overly melodramatic here. Lemme update with some mre cheerful news. I adopted a cyber pet.

It's Pou the alien! I saw it from my junior's instagram and because the maternal side of me is finally kicking in. I thought to myself lets get a baby alien. Lolololol...

I am also into this game, pet salon.

Been playing lots of phone game to keep my mind preoccupied since I was so stress last week. Haven't really got on track yet. But tomorrow will be a different day.

Anyway... wish me luck. According to my instagram I am "vain and proud", I end this post with a selca. Lolololol.

Roomie and I!

Xoxo - suicidecandy

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