Friday, March 22, 2013

Better than before

I was going through my external hard disk looking for old school notes and of course typical me always get distracted over silly things. Since I am literally a picture hoarder (my phone now has over 1000 pictures in it (-_-)).... So I look into the pictures and was shock, horrified and disgusted. I look so horrible before I didn't even realize it.  

 Zero photoshop. Look at my skin! Look how horrible my skin was. My face look so fat. This picture was back in 2008 before my trip to Jakarta at my old room (had to blur out the ugly bits) using my olympus digicam. I look older in 2008 compare to now IMHO.  

Here's a recent picture using my sony SLR camera with light makeup (bb cream + eyeliner). My cheek is less chubby than before and of course much better skin condition. Also without photoshop. 

Here's without any makeup using my old sony xperia phone. I think the lines underneath my eyes getting worse and dark circle even when I slept for 8 hours. That's my goal this year for skin condition less oily face and goodbye dark circle. 

I weight about 53kg in 2008 and now I weight around 46kg. I am happy with the difference although I do want to lose more weight and am working towards it. I want to be lean, I'm getting a bit bored with my family always referring me as the fat one. It's a struggle to control my food intake around them when they always expected I ate food for 2 people. I am a bit ashamed if I cannot finish my food or have to say no whenever my parents urge me to eat more. 

I hope I will able to achieve my weight goal this year since last year I failed although losing 7kg is a wonderful accomplishment. :) All that was using ginger pills for constipation problem and lessen my carbs intake also food intake. It was not healthy but hey, 7kg gone. So this year rather than doing that I am exercising more to lose weight and gain muscle.   

Maybe I can look like @mankofit one day. She's been my inspiration.    

As for my skin condition I guess since I now take much better care of my skin. I want to try the collagen pills and see yet another skin transformation. Maybe I can get skin like Adira's. But all that cost money, if anyone can sponsor me, I would be really happy and will blog for the free stuff, hahaha.

Maybe when I am confident enough I will show my body progress. Now, just wish me luck and I hope that anyone out there who is striving will achieve their own goals as well. 

Till then...


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