Friday, February 8, 2013

When beauty becomes a beast.

I guess you all probably heard it by now that Beyonce wants Buzzfeed to remove "unflattering" pictures of her from her superbowl performance. Well, too late Beyonce the pictures now can be view everywhere especially is humor sites. 

Congratulations Beyonce, you have officially become a meme. :)

 Unflattering is just a polite word to used to describe ugly. Yep... it is definitely ugly. Even pretty girls like Beyonce can look THAT ugly. I never saw an ugly Beyonce's picture before all those pictures emerged. I showed the pictures to the roommate and he didn't believe that it's Beyonce, He taught it was some random muscular guy dressing up as Beyonce. 

Here's another meme from 9gag. 

Maybe this is how Beyonce became so muscular. LOL

She did end the performance beautifully. :)

I do understand tho why Beyonce wants this picture to be taken down, destroyed, burn so that never again it will be seen by human eyes. If I were her I probably will do the same thing and I did a few things like that of course I'm not a celebrity and "unflattering" pictures of me not really worth the news. Tell me how many girls will want an ugly picture of her being parade on the internet. Not much I tell you and I admit that I always untagged ugly pictures of me which mostly tagged by my cousin Daisy who just love to upload ugly pictures of me (still love you girl :P).

Like this one.


That picture was taken in 2007. That's me and wiwin eating barbecued chicken wings. Nasib! I'm not a celebrity like Beyonce.   

Anyway enjoy your Friday, we have a loonng weekend ahead. WOOT!
So what's your plan for the weekend? Me... Probably, no...DEFINITELY will be chilling with my family most of the time. 

See you in the next post. 

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