Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly LOL

I literally laughing out loud watching this video! I just found out about this youtube channel this morning via one of my favourite humour blog, 

HAHAHA... This one is about the recent video went viral... "Animal also got problems". I like it that they put Beyonce's Listen in it. Daisy made the same joke the other day about it quoting Beyonce's as well. LOL

and I think this is my favourite video!

I like it how they combine serious current events with sarcastic humour. It works! Well of course... anything sarcastic is funneh.


I haven't really exercise this days. I really want to blame it on PMS since I always feel incredibly lazy before period starts. I haven't have any real progress after Labuan (which will be up anytime soon). I also been eating like mad no real diet, carbs everyday just now I had a full plate of fried rice and tuna sandwich for breakfast. I haven't weigh myself and not looking forward to it.

My skin... hmm... Kind of hard to say anything about it since I don't really see any more changes to it. I still get oily skin not as oily as before though but still I feel quite hopeful about it. 

So that's it... see you in the next post.

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