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Not a Labuan travel guide

Where is Labuan?... For those who did not know where it is *rolls eyes*... Labuan is a 3 hour 30 minutes ferry ride island (at first I wanted to say nearby island but 3 hours is not near)...

You can either drive there by taking the big ferry at Menumbuk or the 3 hour ride from Kota Kinabalu. Of course for a quicker option you can take direct flight also or the slowest option could be the cheapest (I'm not sure) taking the mini bus to Menumbuk and ferry ride or speed boat to Labuan. I consider speed boat to be a bit dangerous, I only took it once but I wouldn't choose that option anymore since I cannot swim and quite terrified of the sea.

So many options to choose.... We end up choosing water transportation via ferry from Kota Kinabalu.

The only pictures of us together. Adventure Time with Cynta, Wiwin, Paula, Nonoi and Wawan! 

The ferry's fee was RM19.80 for economy class. Economy class is on the lower bunk and without any view. The ferry was quite spacious besides we got like 3 rows of empty seats just for ourselves. hehehe... We took the 1.00pm ferry ride (BOO).

We didn't book any hotel in advance so we had to walk from street to street to find a cheap hotel. We're not sure how long we going to stay at that point so a cheap hotel is a must. GPS wasn't doing too well there, we tried using it but internet is so slow that we decided just walk randomly until we found a hotel. Most of the cheap hotel we found was fully booked and the 1st vacancy was Hotel Pulau Labuan that will cost us RM125 per night. 

At last we chose Victoria Hotel. The hotel offers a single bed room for RM88 per night. It's cheaper than the other hotel. So we share 1 room for the 5 of us. I know it's a bit too much 5 people sharing a small room but we were on a budget and our main plan was to shop. Comfortable accommodation wasn't really in our mind at that time.

The hotel have this very ancient looking lift. The lift was very small and can only manage to fit 5 people approximately.

I felt that the price for the room is a bit overpriced. There's hotel in KK cost cheaper than Victoria Hotel and better condition. There's mini cockroaches in our room, the service was quite unresponsive and rude especially the front desk people.  

After hotel... food of course! Being stuck for 3 hours in a ferry ride sucks and we were famished by the time we arrived.

 Bakuteh and roasted chicken for 5 people. Cost us around RM45 for all of this including drinks. WOOT!

Then what to do in Labuan?.. Drink like it's the end of the world!!!
 Well unfortunately I didn't do much drinking just a couple of beers. We did went sight seeing so here's a few picture I managed to snap that are decent.

We did went clubbing at the club Beyond but after 2 sets of beer, we decided we rather go eat KFC. Maybe I'm getting old or because I haven't club much these days I hated the club atmosphere. I prefer going to a jazz club or place playing live band with good music. Not the one that I  hear on the radio all the time. I also don't dance anymore... (damnit. Daisy! Nancy! mari keluar nanti.)

Day 2

The only picture of me during the trip. Fugly hair and stupid expression but look at my skin! I only use bb cream for my skin.

Our breakfast which only cost me RM15 for 5 people! That's RM3 for each person. This is honestly the cheapest food I ever eaten in ages. Konomen usually will cost at least RM5 per person. 

I was so shocked of the price I asked the waitress twice to be sure. All of us was pleasantly surprised, will definitely go here again next time. 

This place used to be a club called "The jungle". 


To the more important stuff... SHOPPING and travelling budget.

Transportation : RM39.60 per person
Hotel fee : RM88

Boozes = RM116

*Bacardi : RM25
*Baileys : RM58
*Wincarnis : RM33

Chocolates = RM59

Earrings = RM16.40


Party at a club with one alcohol bottle minimum RM350.
You be the judge...

Well, regardless the cost FUN is FUN. It will make us happy maybe will give us a few things to learn from experience thus you cannot really put a price on FUN.

See you again in the next post.



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