Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long time no see.

Well, hello dear blog. How are you since the last time I left you? Me... Fine, except that class finally started and 

I spend most of my youth doing tutorial, assignment and final exam. Damn you engineering degree! Damn you.... It's been a long time since I travel outside Sabah eh... No, I did actually travel outside Sabah last year. I finally went shopping in KL! My sister and I spend most of our time there at Sungei Wang, we can already memorize the building plan. LOL Oyeah... Also budget travel to Labuan recently. But still there's a lot of places I want to visit and I admit that I am damn jealous with people who travel and able to travel outside the country. Damn PTPTN blacklist. 

So the last time I left you, I was in Valentine blues mode... Life partner and I were apart from each other. He was busy with work and I was busy pretending to be sick so I don't have to feed the dogs that I have to babysit. I stay at my parents home and celebrated Valentine alone with =

Ate this Chocolate liquor alone. 

Anyway... To make it up. Life partner did bought me an early Valentine / belated (very belated indeed) birthday present. 

Yay! I finally have a brand new phone. It's only S3 mini  but I still love it and it have a front face camera so I can camwhore shamelessly everyday. Which you can view in my instagram profile. Do follow me because I mostly follow back if you're not some fake account. 

That's all for now I will be updating again soon. :)



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