Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Yo!

Hello earthlings... I've been neglecting this blog for almost a week now due to me and roommate being sick. All we did is lie on bed all day and watch movie from the laptop. Even my family CNY plan had been cancelled. Sad...

Still I think it's a pretty good week. I haven't been exercising tho and diet is off also miss 2 days of PMC. Sigh... I know I am doing it all over again.

Today my exam results came out. I wasn't exactly surprise with it. I didn't really study and I felt that it is getting a bit repetitive since it don't matter whether I study or not... I still get the same fucking results. But I won't let that De motivate this sem... I will give my best.

Valentine's day so far is just a normal day for me. Roomie and I don't really celebrate valentine's day. I did made an effort last year tho, made dinner for him and dinner made by me totally sucks. He knows but he still ate the whole thing. We had a quite funny conversation about it tho.

Me : saya tidak pandai masak, napa ko masih sayang saya *pok romantic answer ni*

Roomie : Tidapa bah... nanti sy minta diskaun sama bapa kau saja.

Me : hahaha! Bodoh!

*discount for the dowry. Dowry is cultural thing... don't feel like explaining it now*

So I am not planning making dinner thia year since I'm still sick *cough*. But roomie gave me an awesome valentine's/verybelatedbirthday present. Maybe I'll blog about it later.

I'm ending this post with one photo.

A sketch of my late dog piso. Still dunno how to finish this drawing.

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