Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why I love Christmas Bazaar!

Why exactly? The truth is going to the Gaya Street Christmas bazaar will only cause more hassle than enjoyment. 

1. There is no parking near Gaya street. You have to park your car near the Padang Merdeka and once I even had to park my car at Sinsuran!

2. Too many peopleeee... I hate crowds. I hate being in a crowded place where it's almost imposible to walk comfortably. 

3. I hate promoters. When you are in a bazaar there'll be promoters everywhere and you can't view a product without 2 people explaining to you how good it is. It just annoys the hell out of me.

4. Because of large numbers of people going to the bazaar it will be fucking HOT.
  Smelly sweaty people everywhere... and that situation will be double the worse for me since I have palmar hyperhydrosis. 

Then, why the fuck I endure those 4 irritating thing to be in the Christmas Bazaar?

BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CHEAPer!!! compare to store sales and normal selling price. Due to the fact that I'm still unemployed student and since it's Christmas also I'm in the mood of appreciating people, I have to buy presents for my favourite girls. And all 5 presents cause me less than RM100! Yay! 

Even fake snow makes people happy. :)

The official Christmas mascot.

Bump into Ma and the kids. :)
and The One thing I must do... My tradition...

Eat Caprilla Ice Cream. Oh...yummmmm... Tastegasm...

Oh btw... I photoshop my face here, I look horrible and tired in the original picture.

The night end with Fireworks!

One great Christmas Bazaar, Can't wait for next year! :)

So here's my shopping haul from the Christmas Bazaar.

Collar pearl necklace for RM12.

Diamonds earrings for RM12

This set for RM10 which include another ring but I gave it to Daisy as an early Christmas present. :)

Also for RM10!

Tattoo stockings for RM18 the original price was RM20 (I bought 2). Should have ask for RM16 ugh. I went back looking for the stall on the last day but it was closed...

But you can get this tattoo stockings for RM19 at a kiosk at MegaLong Mall Penampang. The kiosk have so many designs you can choose!

So my damage for 10 items is RM80! WOOT!!!

I wrap it up (horribly) and gave it to my favourite girls. I really hope they like it. 

It's only 3.01.2013 so I am still eligible wishing you guys Happy New Year!


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