Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?

I woke up before 6am today due to my own natural body alarm since I haven't been getting enough sleep nowadays (ugh, please wrinkle don't appear) and as a loyal netizen start up my laptop and open facebook. I was about to stalk someone there before I saw a post from a page that I like (some motivational page) "What's the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?".

That particular question stop my stalking mode and made me think... So I read some of the comments (TLDR because there's like 1000++ comments) and some of the act of kindness was so pure it makes me hard to believe that it really existed. Thinking about it makes me trying to recall any act of kindness I ever receive.. At first I thought there's no such thing as a random act of kindness ever happen to me, most of it were just act of responsibility that meant they had to do it because they had to or maybe did that just to impress a person and always most of it are expecting recognition or reward.  

Of course I was wrong... As I start this post I'm beginning to get flash back on kindness that I have personally experience. Instead of remembering how sad my life is now, it's better to remind myself that kindness has happen to me. There are people who have help me without asking for any reward back, so I'll start with the earliest memory I had about it... 

When I was 9 years old, my Pa forgot to pick me up at school. 

My school has 2 session where upper primary is on the morning session (primary 4,5,6) and lower primary is on the evening session (primary 1,2,3). So I was primary 3 and evening session start at 1pm until 5pm. My Pa always picks me up around 5.30pm and Ma always gave me extra money for emergency. That evening I call my house through a payphone just to say hi to my siblings probably then I saw caprilla ice cream! Bought  ice cream with all the money I had at that time and played with friends. 

Then 5.30pm came... No sign of Pa yet maybe he's running a bit late...

6pm... Still no sign of Pa and most of my friends already left.

Then 7pm... Still no sign of Pa and his old 12OY toyota car.

Lastly... around 8pm there's this group of Chinese secondary students saw me waiting alone at this bus stop. When they ask me why I'm still there, I answered them without hesitant that Pa forgotten about me, "I'm waiting for my dad". But it was 8 pm and I was a 9 years old kid carrying a bulky bag pack. My response made them a bit worried since they will be leaving soon and I'll be left alone at the bus stop. When their bus driver came to pick them up, they asked me to join them. To convinced me, the bus driver (this fierce Chinese lady) told me bluntly that Pa forgotten about me and she is going to send me home. I was intimidated by the fierce Chinese lady so I just hop into the school bus. 

She ask where's my house so I told her I live at Inanam at Kampung Tamalang Silou. Gave her quite a shock since the place is quite far from Likas (My old school was SRK Lok Yuk). She asked one of her friend, an old Chinese man to send me home. She asked me for our house's number and called Ma, scolding her for forgetting me. One of her exact words were "Macamana boleh lupa anak oh?!".

         Kampung Tamalang Silou is a village on a hill, (Yes... I live there for 1 year and a half without electricity) at first I don't know why my naive self ask to be drop off at the junction maybe because the old man asked how far my house is from the junction, it was quite far but I didn't want to trouble him. Beside the old Chinese man's car was a very old car so it was a struggle to drive up there. Thank god, the old man didn't listen to me and drive me up but the car only lasted at a flat area just below my house. My house was beside a steep area so he drop me there at the flat area where there's 2 neighbour's house and I arrived home in the dark safely. 

My Ma was very relief to see me home but instead of a hug, she scold me. She scolded me for eating ice cream instead of saving the money for emergency stuff. She then proceeded yelling at Pa when he got home. Even acted a bit by asking my happy go lucky Pa where was I, only then he realize he forgotten about me and was about to rush to the car before Ma yelling at him telling him, I was home.

If it weren't for that secondary students, fierce Chinese lady and the Old man, I could be kidnapped, raped by a pedophile, harvested for my body parts and would never saw my family again. To this day I am thankful for them, it may not be some heroic superhero story but I'm grateful that there are still good kind hearted people out there.

Thank You to the strangers that helped me that particular day. Thank You also to everyone that showed me kindness. THANK YOU!


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