Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly musings

I start off last week feeling glad that finally it's the 1 month semester break but towards the end of the week I feel so ... I don't really know what's the word to put it but I feel so free and got nothing to do and feeling slightly bored. I do hope that this holiday will be better. I am trying to get a part time job... probably that will help my boredom and maybe the end of this week visit some place nice.

So basically what I've been doing other that my 1 month challenge is lying around playing a new game which Wawan introduce to me and so far I am loving it!

This is one of the characters of the game Rayman which apparently also the game title. I dislike using other characters but I only manage to uncover a few characters so we never know. 

I also did a lot of mindless surfing and stalking. I do less stalking on facebook now and stalk most of my favorite bloggers. I love nuffnangX, I can get daily updates of the bloggers that I like so if any of you are on nuffnangX do follow me please and I will make sure that I will follow back. :) Anyway about mindless surfing, while stalking a favorite blogger of mine I stumbled to this blog which show amazing plastic surgery skills! It's Korean plastic surgery and all I can say is WAW! 

See! See! How amazing is that! Make me want to do plastic surgery in Korea (in a distant future where I have a lots of money to spare). 

Here's another one. 

and this one! I find myself hard to believe this! Is this real?! WAW

and here's another one with makeup magic. LOL No photoshop even needed when u have the right makeup on. :)

If I can fix my face I will definitely want to fix my teeth. My teeth is not as bad I don't have underbite, it's not obviously crooked but from a bad angle I can look as if I'm the wicked witch of the west with one huge rabbit teeth and it's not a pair just one huge crooked teeth. Well that explain why I don't have a teeth showing smile (unless it was a candid picture). I will also fix my nose... my nose is not bad but it can be humongous if I smile widely, so bear with the demure smile or pretend serious/mad face.  

 If you are interested to check out the site here's the link

UPDATES of my 1 month challenge: 

I gain 1kg and loose 1kg so basically I'm still the same weight as before. I can burn up to 250 calories on strider (an exercise machine my dad bought) and I can run up to 2 and 1/2 rounds at the nearby jogging park. 

The only problem is I've been eating too much and yesterday I feel so bloated my stomach couldn't eat anymore. But I was so hungry I did eat a little well not exactly little, my breakfast was a kou chung and a pau ayam and lunch was stir fry beef with soy sauce and curry. My uncle decided I ate too little rice and dump 1 big serving to my plate (DAMN U IPIK!). Dinner was half capati shared with my mum. But that was yesterday... 

On Friday I ate atong fish soup, KFC dinner plate (share with 2 friends), cheesy wedges and a bowl of pan mien... oh and also 1 err.. maybe 2 slice of raisin butter cake. Saturday I ate 2 serving of fried noodles, 1 serving of fried rice also 2 piece of cake and random bites of chips while watching TV. 

GAHHHHH!~ no wonder I gain 1 kilo in a week. I guess I should do the no carbs diet again... But carbs is a part of my daily diet. But I will try!

As for the PMC I didn't get any drastic transformation of my skin nor did I feel any changes. Maybe it's a bit slow...  

So wish my Luck!   


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