Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The green coloured house at Mogong.

Saturday last week, I went back to Tambunan. Although I didn't do a lot of sight seeing there since I was too lazy to drive around and there's only Wawan and Nonok so most of the time I spent on my Mamatua's couch watching TV.  I did manage somehow to drag my lazy ass to follow my parents de-weeding at Tinganayon

Ohai Tambunan! Was greeted by a blue blue sky. 

Wink from Ms Purak... 

and le boyfriend. Handsome dog, too bad he has a bad leg. :(

Proud owner of the Green House.

Vanity moment... My legs look long here thus decided to take a picture to commemorate this moment. LOL

Asked my dad why barbed wires tied around the sulap, the answer was "Untuk halang karabau". Which to me is weird... I thought it was some kind of security system turn out to prevent buffalos from knocking the wall. 

Kids, this are the place where we used to store rice. 

The sulap at Tinganayon.

Rumah sebelah a.k.a Rumah mentri - mentri.

Completed on the 5th May 1970. This house is 43 years of age. 

and that's it... The place of my childhood adventures. Wish I'm still a kid, innocent and naive without any boring adult responsibilities. All the bills I have to pay, all the money I have to save, all the studying I have to do... all to have a better life. 

But shouldn't we just appreciate what we have now?... 

But damnit! I want to go to Japan so I got to be an adult 1st then be a kid again whenever I'm with my little brother or with my dogs. Either way... I'm happy. 


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