Friday, January 4, 2013

Suicide mission for a suicidal person.


I never really believe in a New Year resolutions... I made some of them but always fail to keep it throughout the year. So it's quite some time since I made new year resolutions. What change my mind this year? Well... I finally will be graduating soon so I need to set goals to make my life better. :)

1. Be skinny. I don't care if people call me anorexic I want to be skinny. I hate it when people call me curvy or chubby. "Ko bukan gemuk bah, ko berisi sja"...  

I want to be skinny until I have a thigh gap.

2. I want to get better grades. Since I'm graduating soon I hope I graduate with better grades. So I won't procrastinate and let myself dwell into depression this year. :)
No more last minute work, no more last minute studying, no more last minute doing anything! I will give my best in doing any projects!

3. Move out. It's not that I don't like the place I'm currently living but it's getting a bit cramped with all of my stuffs. Beside roomie and I need a fresh start since I'll be working soon.

4. Learn new things. I need to upgrade my knowledge especially when it comes to software. I need to upgrade my skills in autocad, learn esteem and any damn software related to civil engineering.

5. Take good care of skin, body and be more presentable in public. I usually don't wear any makeup and usually look like I just woke up and haven't showered for a week... unless I feel like I need to dolled up. But I did try to be a bit presentable last year and I learn to use face mask at least once a week so I'll continue it this year and hopefully people won't notice that I'm actually nearing 30.

6. Blog more and maybe this year my lookbook will have pictures. I love fashion especially Japanese fashion  and I did try to dress more like them this year. A bit fail tho but nobody can stop me from trying! So here's some of my attempts.

Need to werk out my poses. I am a very awkward person in real life. 

7. Travel more... Since I am forbidden from leaving the country, I have to narrow it down to travelling in the country. Let me see the beauty of our country and maybe next year I can afford travelling other countries that is after I pay ptptn the money I owe them.

That's it... 7 suicide mission for this year. Not sure if I can make it all come true but I promise myself to at least try.


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