Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not a pokemon transformation

My meaningless surfing found yet another youtube videos that fascinates me. 
This time it's about transgender. It's a taboo and most people are prejudiced on this subject.

Still, I try not to judge. But when it comes with "pengkids" (whatever that mean *rolls eyes*), it's a local term for dykes anyway most of the "pengkids" I met were either  obnoxious, snobby and PERASAN KUAT or in a more accurate term douchebags male wannabes.  The thing about pengkids is they don't want to be acknowledge as females, they walk around trying to fool people when in fact I can obviously see a bra underneath that oversize checkered shirt. 

It gets more annoying when this group of wannabes created a facebook page and when a friend of mine decided join that page and stupid facebook made it easier to see your friends online activity. I saw almost all the annoying posts from the page and all those posts mostly consists of whining, sobs story and gang fights among them. Of course I then hide my friend forever from the news feed so I won't vomit on my laptop one day after reading all those nonsense posts. 

Most of those wannabe turn them self into pengkids probably was inspired by Cinta Kita a Sofia Jane movie. They were brokenhearted by some jerk and then decided all guys are jerks and women are better (well, we are better). But the funny thing is they change themself to be more like a guy when that's the gender that hurts you. Stupid, why bother being the gender you hated... It's a compliment to them. Be a strong women, be a lesbian who acts like a lady. 

There's a girl I personally knew a perfect example of that, she was super feminine girl and then BAM!!! one day no more skirts, no more long hair. She became a pengkid so maybe that's the calling she needed to realize who she really is. But then I saw her last year throwing out her pengkid look and become her old self again dating guys and now claiming she's bisexual.        

But I fortunately did met a few people on their way to their transition that are nice and really just normal people. 

But who am I to judge right... although my post seem judgemental. I'm not... I am just disgusted by the wannabes. If you really feel that your biologically created gender is not who you really are then go for it. Just don't annoyed us with sobs story but inspired people to be who they really are.

Here are two story on female to male and male to female transformation.
Both are amazing! Notice that the jawline gradually change towards the transformation.   

and here's my attempt from female to male transformation.

HAHAHA... photoshop fail. Maybe what I needed in this picture is an adam's apple. Hmm... 

Till next time... 

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