Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking for the perfect BB cream

I am in a mission looking for a perfect and affordable BB cream. Right now I did actually found an almost perfect BB cream. That is Garnier BB cream (Instant fairness BB moisturizer), it's light and very easy to use.  

I like it because I can minimize my getting ready in morning time.  

My real skin tone. No photoshop on the skin. Notice the eyebags and uneven skin tone, even flash from my camera  can't save me. 

But move a little closer to the camera and flash will help you. Maybe... 

I cant't be bother to do a cute act. This really is my face while putting on any makeup. Ugh... eyebags... Y U NO GO AWAY!

And TADAH!!! I seriously did not photoshop my skin. Eyebags be gone! and I look at least 2 years younger IMHO. Yes! Looking almost cute here!

With better hair... Ahh.. Fuck it....  Even the cute head band can't make me look cute. I look so fake!

Welll back to the review. The BB cream is almost good because... It won't last long... It will melt away after noon and you'll have to touch up again which is a hassle for me since I don't really do touch up. All I want is my makeup or at least my foundation last all day long or at least 12 hours. 

So if you have any suggestion of a good BB cream do let me know. 

See ya

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