Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Butter cookies and a Mother's love.

Here I am in this little room of mine which I shared with a beautiful person that is now at work. I just want to say thank you for him for loving me even though he can be so irritating at times. 10 years before I never imagined my life to turn out like this to be ordinary and still stuck in my hometown. I imagined that I'll be some successful career women, out to conquer the world... the only thing my vision got right is I am still not married. Which I am happy because I'm not in a rush to settle down but compare to my teenage vision, I am a loser. 

Everyone is a loser in their own terms, even though when you stalk them in facebook they probably look far more successful than you but behind those elaborated pictures and status hides the truth that they are really just another ordinary loser trying to survive. So cheers to all losers out there, cheers to another day that we have survived. 

As miserable as I feel right now I still feel blessed. I feel blessed that I have a roof under my head where I can hide away from the world. I am blessed because I never actually starving for food even though I am currently on a maggi diet involuntarily. I am blessed because of my mother, how I love her so much... Because of her unconditional love I can still survive. I feel like crying this morning when I ask her for money and then not only that she gave me that, she gave me a tapao breakfast. I can feel the amount of love she gave to me and our siblings. Okay that is silly... maybe because I am pms-ing that I became super emotional right now, Of course she love me unconditionally, she's my mother for god sake.

This post is made actually meant to complain and whine about my life, but rather than feeling sorry for myself, better to count my blessing and I have many... :) Wish me good luck for my exam... last paper is Monday. I hope I can survive!

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