Friday, January 18, 2013

1 month challenge

Hello world... whoever it is reading this blog of mine.

I am currently on an on going challenge to be more fit. Therefore I will be running/jogging (of course not 24 hour but until I reach to the point of giving up) everyday until the 18th of February 2013. I also need to loose a bit weight to get to my dream weight. I want to be skinny enough to fit into a tight fitting dress without any bulges.

I am also starting a pure marine collagen challenge. I only started eating those for 2 days now the same with my jogging routine only started 2 days ago. My hopes are that I'll be fit enough and of course my skin will be a lot better after this.

If everything works I hope that I can make it a routine forever!!! My biggest challenge now is controlling my food intake. Like yesterday I had 2 hash brown and 2 nuggets for breakfast, a mcD lunch set and dinner is 2 serving of delicious delicious parai wagu rice with omelettes, stir fry sardin and chicken noodle soup. But that is if I'm home at Tuaran which means home cooked meal and free meals. haha...

So I'm a sucker for free food and I know to achieve my goals I have to at least control my food intake. Less carbs, less sugar... Well... sacrifice must be made to achieve glory.

Wish me luck!


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