Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekly updates

Hello! How are you, dear people who read my blog! YES YOU!
 I've been soooooo busy nowadays. I have like 6 test this week IN A ROW!  My brain is almost completely jam. Nope... IT IS JAM! I couldn't think straight right now, my back is killing me. But all that is in vain... I couldn't answer a damn thing. I blame my own anxiety.

First let me recap last week.

Monday - Assignment

Tuesday - Assignment

Wednesday - Assignment

Thursday - Assignment BUT I went to the Gaya street Christmas Bazaar and bought lots of item CHEAP! will blog about this soon.

Friday - Assignment and hangout with Wewen, Wiwin and Wawan.

Saturday - Study...  and then... Party!... Well, not quite. But I did went to Elcentro for some jazz music.

Sunday - Dating!  The only time where I can spend quality time with the boyfriend. 

Now... one hell of a week. But I will survive it as well as I will survive the Mayan apocalypse. Because CHRISTMAS is 6 DAYS AWAY!!!

Abrupt end with...



Fane Davis said...

girl,what a straight nose.nose job ka?hahaha..or makeup miracle?
anyway,memang suit you larr.hihi

CyntaCinta said...

ini makeup magic + good angle ni. hehehehe