Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekly update

I shall be doing a weekly update from now on to keep me on track with everything. 

Monday - School

Tuesday - School

Wednesday - School and found out there's Zumba workout at Anjung Siswa, planned to attend tomorrow. 

Thursday - Whole day lecture class about ms.project and the professor was annoyed at me coming in late, keep on making jokes about us. 

Friday - No class but went out at night for drinks at cock and bull. Was a little tipsy because I drank a bit too much because I was mad that The ED didn't get me any birthday present. 

Saturday - Birthday, celebrated with Ben and Cecille (will blog about this later)

Sunday - Church, PC fair and did a photoshoot with Asif and Nancy at 1borneo.

I also gain 1kg and feeling miserable thinking how much food I consume. I also look very fat in my birthday suit so picture will be photoshop heavily. 

My mood right now, is tired and in denial of fats and studies. I also need to do this every Sunday. Please... Please... Please... Dear self don't forget and procrastinate like what you are doing right now.   

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