Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tarian 1Malaysia

Hi all... this is a long overdue post. 


WTF is that? Well in my perspective it's kind of like zumba? I never been to any zumba workout because I'm too cheap to pay RM10 per workout session. But according to friends that have attended zumba, this event reminds me of that. So it's zumba without the club music and sexy dance moves plus you'll be dancing to traditional dance and music that represents 1MALAYSIA. 

To be honest, this event is something that I normally won't be interested but since my brother is handling this event and my mum is catering Nasi lemak for it. I have to go..

We arrive late and miss the rehearsal session. 

And me mum's delicious nasi lemak... Available for catering at RM2.50 each packet.

Don't have any pictures of us doing the 1MALAYSIA zumba. Don't think you want to see me sweating. But we did took some pictures with the balloons.

The only picture of me with the balloons. No makeup and I look fat. damn...
Believe in natural beauty! Yeah right...

If only I had my good camera that day. Those pictures would be much better! I blame my roomate/boyfriend  ! He told me he's using it for his cousin engagement ceremony but at the LAST MINUTE he change his mind and didn't went to the ceremony. BODOH! 

The balloons in the pictures were actually being killed a.k.a pop one by one by my brother the zero cost guy.  While doing this we took the chance to camwhore and people keep asking them for free balloons.

At first Zero cost guy had to obliged since technically morally?... I don't know me is English is no so good. Anway, what's wrong giving it away if it make people happy.... right?
But there's a reason why we couldn't just let go the balloons. The event manager company will be sued because balloons up in the air may cause disruption to flights etc...

So after seeing 3 balloons released up in the air, we had to stop giving it away. So I have to pulled my mean bitch act and scold mostly kids people who asking for free balloons. Sorry for that I didn't mean it but I'm sure don't want zero cost guy being sued.

Here's some unglamorous pictures behind every pictures.

You can see while we were busy camwhoring with the balloons. Zero cost guy is actually popping the balloons while Wiwin and Paula is holding the balloons tight.

Abrupt end because I don't know what to type anymore.

See ya...


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