Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prince, Princess and a Queen Birthday

Hola, 1st December is apparently my birthday which I also share with the cutest baby boy in the world, Baby Ben! My friend Amat Denaila and now with Cecille. 

I celebrated it with Baby Ben and Cecille at Novotel, 1borneo which has been nothing but nice and good service. The atmosphere was jolly and the food was good. No one can complain about that. 

Ben, Cecille and Cynta

My favourite girls... 

My Birthday suit! Was opting for something girly and pastel. But unfortunately I chose the wrong bra for the outfit and my breast look humongous. Making me look like a retired porn star trying to look decent.

See... (T_T)

Someone should make a meme out of this and put it on 9gag.

Surprise birthday cake for me! Baby Ben's cake was cheese cake and mine, macadamia nut cake. Both are delish, but the macadamia cake was a bit too sweet after the first few bites.  

I am touched that my family even bother to make a cake for me, it's kinda like a surprise birthday XD. 
This birthday party was actually meant for baby Ben, but they have been so nice to include me as well. Thank You Fams! I love you guys so much!!! 

Novotel staff was so nice and was able to prepare a cute little cake for Cecille as well. Well done Novotel! The service was excellent that day. 

And all my pink birthday pressies...

Thank You again Family for this lovely surprise and presents! Love you guys to the MAX.


p/s: Bon Odori ;)

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