Friday, December 21, 2012

I survive 21st December 2012

I'm tired but I can't sleep. BOO!!! Scumbag brain, won't let me sleep when I need to sleep. 

Maybe I shouldn't go to sleep. I have like tons of work need to be done and I'm only like half finish with the design. Thank God for ms.excel!

So at this part of the world is the 21st of December. No sign of apocalypse yet and roomie is still out with his homies. *jealous* 

I'm missing him... I can't sleep without his cuddles. No..wait, I can. Just not tonight.

Anyway... I have been introduced by my friend Ms.Jijie, a new phone chat app. And it is quite awesome!

Kakaotalk is a new phone chat app from Korea. Actually, am not quite sure if it's new..but I just found out about this and there's only like 2 people in my contact list using this (there's 4 now after I introduced it to some of my friends) so quite new'ish.

The emoticons is so adorable! and I have to admit better than line phone chat because the emoticons can be in gif ! woot!

You can leave voice text as well. Although I find voice text can be quite annoying since Daisy left me a voice text at 6 fucking am in a vain attempt to woke the already woken up, me. Please Daisy, I love you but stop sending me voice text.

Also, also!!!  When you call people you can change your voice to either talking tom! or the other talking dog whom I don't it's name.

To the people don't know who the fuck is talking tom... Talking Tom is a cat that speaks.

The line is quite clear, I can hear Wewen's voice clearly and it's much funnier using Talking Tom's voice. I was on the phone with her just now and we decided to fake calling Santa Claus for our little brother.

The only con about this app is that I can't download any emoticons. Is it because I need to upgrade my phone OS or just another bug need to be fix? Not really troubled though, the app's original content is quite good.

I just can't wait for Christmas! But first got to finish this wretched building design first.

4 more days to Christmas! 


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