Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bon Odori

I gotta say I am pretty ignorant of events happening at my university. So when my cousin Chisukihana told me that she's going to some Japanese culture event held there, I was quite surprise about it. I saw a poster about it before but never really give any thought about it. So, I'm in my last year... never went to any single event (except for compulsory stuff voting etc...) and let this be the year that I finally went to one event here.

Yeah, I wore the same outfit I wore on my birthday bash. So what!..

Chisukihana looking so sweet in a yukata!

Babyface Daisy, busy camwhoring in front of a spotlight.


This is actually my first picnic at my university! woot!

Azu and Wiwin playing some games *insert fry meme* not sure if it's really a traditional Japanese game or just a typical kid's game.

Sorry Win, forgot to upload this one.

Kendo performance! 

The crowd!

Cute Japanese lady! My favourite yukata for the night.

Well... it was a great weekend!... Too bad it can't be like that every week.


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