Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tarian 1Malaysia

Hi all... this is a long overdue post. 


WTF is that? Well in my perspective it's kind of like zumba? I never been to any zumba workout because I'm too cheap to pay RM10 per workout session. But according to friends that have attended zumba, this event reminds me of that. So it's zumba without the club music and sexy dance moves plus you'll be dancing to traditional dance and music that represents 1MALAYSIA. 

To be honest, this event is something that I normally won't be interested but since my brother is handling this event and my mum is catering Nasi lemak for it. I have to go..

We arrive late and miss the rehearsal session. 

And me mum's delicious nasi lemak... Available for catering at RM2.50 each packet.

Don't have any pictures of us doing the 1MALAYSIA zumba. Don't think you want to see me sweating. But we did took some pictures with the balloons.

The only picture of me with the balloons. No makeup and I look fat. damn...
Believe in natural beauty! Yeah right...

If only I had my good camera that day. Those pictures would be much better! I blame my roomate/boyfriend  ! He told me he's using it for his cousin engagement ceremony but at the LAST MINUTE he change his mind and didn't went to the ceremony. BODOH! 

The balloons in the pictures were actually being killed a.k.a pop one by one by my brother the zero cost guy.  While doing this we took the chance to camwhore and people keep asking them for free balloons.

At first Zero cost guy had to obliged since technically morally?... I don't know me is English is no so good. Anway, what's wrong giving it away if it make people happy.... right?
But there's a reason why we couldn't just let go the balloons. The event manager company will be sued because balloons up in the air may cause disruption to flights etc...

So after seeing 3 balloons released up in the air, we had to stop giving it away. So I have to pulled my mean bitch act and scold mostly kids people who asking for free balloons. Sorry for that I didn't mean it but I'm sure don't want zero cost guy being sued.

Here's some unglamorous pictures behind every pictures.

You can see while we were busy camwhoring with the balloons. Zero cost guy is actually popping the balloons while Wiwin and Paula is holding the balloons tight.

Abrupt end because I don't know what to type anymore.

See ya...


Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Blog App

Blogging again thru ma phone. Trying a new blogger app and so far so good. I've found a new interesting blog to read although can't quite remember the blog title but it's about a 9 yr old blogging about her lunch. So lets try upload some pics... Hmm... Took a long time to upload pics. Anyway... I'll blog again soon so.goodbye for now... Readers.. If there are any :-)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 things that made me cancel my suicide attempt.

2012 is the first Christmas party hosted by my family. It's not an "open house" thingy, more of an exclusively family only party. We did had an open house once during our house warming party and IT WAS HECTIC. I couldn't even get myself to look decent  because I've been busy being a helper (reminds me of my recent project where I've been named as AJK Logistic and technical, it's kind of the same with helper to all which coincidentally my role in the household) to everyone especially bossy wewen.

Not much can say about this time around though but I did manage to look nice for the Christmas party so that's a plus I guess. (Will blog about this later after the Christmas Bazaar post) 

This year's Christmas is a little bit different from the previous year mainly because I bought my favorite girls presents but I am a bit sad that I'm still a jobless student that couldn't afford to buy more for the people that I love. I am also trying my best right now to think positive especially around people that annoys the hell out of me like my sister. 

It's wrong for me to acknowledge it because it will bring bad vibe to my attempt of trying to be positive so I want to list down everything that I am thankful this Christmas so positivity won't fade.  

1. I am thankful for my parents. My parents are my biggest supporter especially my mother. I am happy and thankful that they are healthy and I hope good things will come to them. They have been working so hard raising us and me being a critic and a loud mouth most of the time make me feel guilty. I wish I can be a better daughter for them. I hope that next year, I'll be an engineer and can make them proud. 

2.  My little brother Nonok. I love him like he's my own son. I want him to be better in life than me and I want him to be happy. He makes me happy even when he's making lame kid's jokes.

3. Edmond... What can I say, he's my everything. I love him so much even though he is stubborn and I always sometimes lose arguing with him. But I still want to clarify that I am always right and I only let him win.

4. My dogs. Even though I lost a few dogs this year. I am still thankful that Toba is still around and of course Bolou, Silou, Lumis and now baby Suao is there whenever I go back home. Please let them not die or dognapped.

5. My other siblings, the zero cost guy and bossy little sister. They're not perfect, so am I but I couldn't ask for a better siblings than them.

6. Nancy, Wiwin, Daisy, Paula, Wawan and Ipik. I hope that we will always be close like we are now and even when we're old and senile we can still spend time hours reminiscing how silly and stupid we was growing up.

7. Bee and Ben. A niece and a baby cousin. I'm not really good with kids but I like this two.

8. My aunts and uncles.

9. My Mamatua.

10. All the good things in life that I received so far.

I feel much grateful now. I am truly blessed with good people around me that inspired me to be a better person. 

So..  this is goodbye for now. 


Friday, December 21, 2012

I survive 21st December 2012

I'm tired but I can't sleep. BOO!!! Scumbag brain, won't let me sleep when I need to sleep. 

Maybe I shouldn't go to sleep. I have like tons of work need to be done and I'm only like half finish with the design. Thank God for ms.excel!

So at this part of the world is the 21st of December. No sign of apocalypse yet and roomie is still out with his homies. *jealous* 

I'm missing him... I can't sleep without his cuddles. No..wait, I can. Just not tonight.

Anyway... I have been introduced by my friend Ms.Jijie, a new phone chat app. And it is quite awesome!

Kakaotalk is a new phone chat app from Korea. Actually, am not quite sure if it's new..but I just found out about this and there's only like 2 people in my contact list using this (there's 4 now after I introduced it to some of my friends) so quite new'ish.

The emoticons is so adorable! and I have to admit better than line phone chat because the emoticons can be in gif ! woot!

You can leave voice text as well. Although I find voice text can be quite annoying since Daisy left me a voice text at 6 fucking am in a vain attempt to woke the already woken up, me. Please Daisy, I love you but stop sending me voice text.

Also, also!!!  When you call people you can change your voice to either talking tom! or the other talking dog whom I don't it's name.

To the people don't know who the fuck is talking tom... Talking Tom is a cat that speaks.

The line is quite clear, I can hear Wewen's voice clearly and it's much funnier using Talking Tom's voice. I was on the phone with her just now and we decided to fake calling Santa Claus for our little brother.

The only con about this app is that I can't download any emoticons. Is it because I need to upgrade my phone OS or just another bug need to be fix? Not really troubled though, the app's original content is quite good.

I just can't wait for Christmas! But first got to finish this wretched building design first.

4 more days to Christmas! 


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekly updates

Hello! How are you, dear people who read my blog! YES YOU!
 I've been soooooo busy nowadays. I have like 6 test this week IN A ROW!  My brain is almost completely jam. Nope... IT IS JAM! I couldn't think straight right now, my back is killing me. But all that is in vain... I couldn't answer a damn thing. I blame my own anxiety.

First let me recap last week.

Monday - Assignment

Tuesday - Assignment

Wednesday - Assignment

Thursday - Assignment BUT I went to the Gaya street Christmas Bazaar and bought lots of item CHEAP! will blog about this soon.

Friday - Assignment and hangout with Wewen, Wiwin and Wawan.

Saturday - Study...  and then... Party!... Well, not quite. But I did went to Elcentro for some jazz music.

Sunday - Dating!  The only time where I can spend quality time with the boyfriend. 

Now... one hell of a week. But I will survive it as well as I will survive the Mayan apocalypse. Because CHRISTMAS is 6 DAYS AWAY!!!

Abrupt end with...


Bon Odori

I gotta say I am pretty ignorant of events happening at my university. So when my cousin Chisukihana told me that she's going to some Japanese culture event held there, I was quite surprise about it. I saw a poster about it before but never really give any thought about it. So, I'm in my last year... never went to any single event (except for compulsory stuff voting etc...) and let this be the year that I finally went to one event here.

Yeah, I wore the same outfit I wore on my birthday bash. So what!..

Chisukihana looking so sweet in a yukata!

Babyface Daisy, busy camwhoring in front of a spotlight.


This is actually my first picnic at my university! woot!

Azu and Wiwin playing some games *insert fry meme* not sure if it's really a traditional Japanese game or just a typical kid's game.

Sorry Win, forgot to upload this one.

Kendo performance! 

The crowd!

Cute Japanese lady! My favourite yukata for the night.

Well... it was a great weekend!... Too bad it can't be like that every week.