Saturday, November 24, 2012

Running man fever

I've been quite addicted lately to a Korean variety show called Running Man... I'm sure many have heard about it. I only heard about it a few months ago when my friend Sasa show it to me. I'm not really into Korean entertainment, most of the time I think their drama is cheesy, I despised the "cute girl" act (which now I know it's call "aegyo") and men wearing eyeliner.

All I ever did while watching any Korean dramas was criticizing on the ridiculously predictable storyline especially love story drama. All the celebrities (especially girls) look similar, the ridiculous boy bands name (2pm, 2am WTF?!) and any Korean mainstream entertainment just irritated me. And after Sipitang I thought I will never ever watched anything Korean anymore.

That was before Running Man...


Now... my whole perspective of Korean entertainment change! Well... not really still hated the aegyo girl and not really interested in watching any Korean love story. But... I now know to differentiate them, ( they do look a lot different) and I have some favorite Korean male celebrities...

1. Nichkun
Technically he's not Korean (He's from Thailand) but he's just soooo..handsome without his eyeliner. He's a member of 2pm, (yeah,that's the stupid boyband's name I mentioned) (-_-) I know...

2. Yong Hwa the lead singer from CnBlue. 
Need I say more?... 

But this post is not to ramble about hot guys... (Focus Cynta!) I'm talking about Running Man. Running Man is a variety show about a group of 7 Korean celebrities (which sometimes include famous Korean celebrities) playing some sort of silly survival games which involve them (of course) running. It's like playing tag by removing each other name tag, the winner that can outsmart the game will be given prizes such as gold, delicious delicacies etc... 

The game is so silly and sometimes stupid add with 7 funny personalities, makes it so fun to watch. I know some of the part may be acted and sometimes the game can be ended easily but was dragged so that it can be humorous I guess. I can't help but to love Running Man. So lemme give you a bit trivia of the characters in Running Man. 

Ji Suk Jin, the oldest Running Man also one of the weakest member. 
Although I think sometimes it's a bit unfair that He never really got picked by any celebrities (unless there's an episode where he does and I haven't seen it) because of his "weakness". The show should give him a chance to be the centre of attention, I would love to see an episode where Suk Jin is a spy. 

Yoo Jae Suk, the nation no.1 MC a.k.a grasshopper a.k.a Yoouruce Willis. He looks weak but don't let that fool you, he's actually quite fit for his age and he can trick people easily. If you watched the Oppa Gangnam Style music video, he's the yellow suit guy doing the dance battle with Psy. 

Kim Jong Kook a.k.a The tiger. He's the smartest and toughest guy in Running Man. His prediction are almost correct all the time and he's such a gentleman. He's a Korean Singer, I've check out some of his music video, not really digging his song though. 

Kang Gary from the hip hop duo Lessang. He is potrayed as a bit slow witted but can be one of the best player in Running Man. He won the strongest Running Man episode but I think he won it because of His Monday Girlfriend Song Ji Hyo. 

Ha Dong Hoon a.k.a Haha... One of the funniest guy in Running Man although sometimes he over did his funny act. He is my favorite character (because I like funny guy). 

Lee Kwang Soo the maknae (the youngest... WTF I know what that means) of the show. He is born on the year 1985, he's 193 m, nicknamed the Giraffe. 
He's the betrayer and also the funniest because of his awkwardness and silly attitude (which make him my favorite!). He usually have this dumb shock expression and always try to find a way to get rid of Jong Kook. 

Song Ji Hyo, our only Running Girl, a Korean actress. She looks quite different without makeup (still pretty though) and one of the brightest even with her constant blank expression. She was the Monday Girlfriend to Kang Gary but since her real relationship went public, there's no more Monday Couple. I like how she's not embarrassed to look sloppy on camera. 

So there you go... a few trivia about the characters in Running Man. Imma leave a youtube video of the 1st episode of Running Man so you can see what I mean. The show is quite different from the 1st episode now, still fun to watch tho. :)

Enjoy Watching!

P/s: I know there's 8 people on the running man group picture. Song Joong Ki was one of the cast before he quit after episode 41. Not much to say about him, except that he supposed to be very bright but it doesn't really show much in the show.

Yours truly...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

my thoughts exactly! the only korean show i watch is running man. have no interest in watching any k-drama. then i realised that koreans (well, based on these guys n one girl), that they are exploding with personality.

SuicideCandy said...

True that! hahaha...