Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hanging out with Asif and Rene

If you're a fan of jazz music you'll probably heard of the dynamic duo, Asif and Rene.

To be honest I'm not really a fan of any type of music... I have no knowledge whatsoever about music except that I remember that I used to learn to read some music notes in primary one which probably is the only thing I ever learn about music. I can't play any instruments (obviously) and my list of favorite music is randomly picked according to my moods. I'm afraid I'm also one of those people who don't know how to really appreciate musician. Yeah, I know...

But... (you know there's gonna be a "but") hanging out with me uncle and his best friend made me feel ashamed of me self (sorry, I just saw Ali-G) that I can be so ignorant about music. How beautiful listening to live music played by real musician. Musician that really care about their art and not only in it because of the money and fame. Although money does makes the world go round and fame won't hurt anyone.

So anyway... I was (still am) applying to be sort of their pa/promoter (I need money to afford my internet bills! and shoes...clothes, accessories etc..), sent them an email with my resume and a few hours after that Asif called me and said, "Hey, J if you're free this evening why don't you come to the beach resort and write about the event we're playing.".... Of course I said yes!... 1. Free food    2.Good Music of course!

And so here are some of the pictures that I've taken that particular day. (Sorry this is a long overdue post, I promise myself not to procrastinate anymore!).

Experimenting shadows photography. 


The lights on the stage looks awesome. 

This picture looks like Asif and Rene is planning a revenge on someone. 


Interesting decor the night. 

Le food. Simply delicious. 


The only decent picture I capture during the real performance. I was sitting quite far. :( 

Ok... abrupt end, need to finish some unfinished business.


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