Saturday, November 24, 2012

Editing HTML is a bitch

I have so much respect for programmers right now that I have to blog about this feeling of respect that I have right now. If you notice, I just change my blog layout again... This time I opted to use the blogger template (which before was very lame and boring IMHO) and I find it quite user friendly. 

So... I finally push away my laziness and install the FB like button for my blog. I wanted to install one for ages but I just couldn't spare some time to search for <data:post.body/>. Such a simple task to do and yet when I scroll through the html code, I feel like as if I'm reading some ancient aliens scribblings and I know there's an easier way to search through the coding but I just couldn't remember how. Until now I am really surprised that I passed my programming subject. 

I am amazed how programmer can do that. Heck, I'm amazed with anyone that can write codes. I am the typical user where I almost don't know any single thing about my laptop and whatever problem I'm having I just refer to my cousin Wawan. I don't know how to download software illegally (spare me... I'm just a poor student). I don't know how to format my laptop and I don't even know how to update my illegally downloaded antivirus, don't even bother downloading a new one to solve my virus infected laptop.

Yes... I am so ignorant about this computer thingy which I use everyday and can't live without. I'm also suppose to be an engineer... (Not a software engineer obviously).  When the public portrays engineers as nerds... I honestly couldn't see me in that category. I'm not even that smart and I have to agree with this pie chart.

Yeah... that's probably why I took this course... "Trust me, I'm an engineer". Trust that I can plan your construction project efficiently and that structure I design won't fail in 10 years time. HAHA

I don't regret choosing this course tho... Finally in my final year. So wish me luck! 

and Again THANK YOU PROGRAMMERS for all your hardwork! Thank You Software engineers for creating microsoft project, all the software I use so I can feel like an engineer. HAHA


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