Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beautiful girls all over the world.

Beautiful girls are so beautiful that when they farted people will use their fart as perfume.

When beautiful girls laugh, their laughter is like a sweet melody.

Beautiful girls will make your heart skip a beat.

Beautiful girls will die beautifully.

Just look at her, how dreamy she look. Admiring her perfect looks make you wish that you can look at least half of that.

I admit I do love to look like her (not exactly like her but skinny like her).

But too bad... Not everyone can be beautiful like her. Anyway the subject of my rant today is obviously about beautiful girls and girls who are not so fortunate to be born with good looks. ( maybe I should use woman instead of girls... since I'm entering late 20s soon (T_T)... )

I guess I can be consider (clears throat) as one of those unfortunate people but I do think I AM NOT UGLY, I'm just not good looking enough to be consider beautiful... maybe pretty perhaps? LOL

I had a conversation with some friends of mine about this topic. It made me think what is the criteria to be labelled as beautiful... I think Angelina Jolie is beautiful but some people will disagree with me. And I don't mean the inner beauty here, this is a very shallow bimbotic post that discusses the outer beauty because you might need to use a microscope to see that inner beauty but outer beauty can beat that in just one glance.

Why I think Angelina Jolie is beautiful?
1. Full lips
2. Nice nose
3. Her piercing eyes...
4. Her teeth.
(I have a thing for straight teeth is that the correct term for it? I don't give a fuck)

and why do I think Fujii Lena is beautiful?... Well for the same reason as why I think Angie is beautiful.

But that's my criteria... how about the public criteria of beauty? Maybe that's too hard to summarized so lets just say what do KK city people criteria of beauty. It wouldn't be too hard to guess but do correct me if I'm wrong...

1. Fair acne free skin
Have you ever heard of someone you know saying this" Cantik! Putih lagi", "Boleh tahan la, putih kulit dia" "Tidak juga cantik tapi putih lah". 

2. Sharp nose. 
"Mancung oh hidung dia" 

3. Long black hair or just long hair.

4. Slim

Just look at this Sabahan beauty and check out their physical resemblances.

Long hair... CHECK.
Sharp nose... erm CHECK?!
Fair... CHECK!!

And BAM! 

They are our glorified Sabahan Beauties.
I bet they have like a thousand comments complimenting how beautiful they look and literally most men will stop and stare at their beauty, heck even woman will stare (either jealously or admiringly, your pick...) at them.

I also bet that because of them, people say.. "Cantik-cantik perempuan Sabah" 

Because of that criteria it is easy to be label as beautiful. All you have to do is to be born with that criteria and if you aren't just fake it.

Yeah... I'm telling people to fake beauty. Not everybody can be born beautiful but thankfully we can try to be one.

Don't like your fats... EXERCISE LAH and DIET.
Don't like your tanned skin... GO BUY WHITENING PRODUCTS (I however love my tanned skin).


Everything is easy as long as you put the effort to look beautiful you will achieve it. I seriously do not believe in natural beauty, natural beauty vanished a long time ago after the first man uses shampoo.

Although some probably don't care and choose to focus on their inner beauty than the outer beauty. Well then I respect you for that. And it's a big bonus when someone is not only beautiful on the surface but inside as well.

It's not wrong to be conceited as long as you are not hurting anybody.

till then...

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