Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello... Right now, waiting for my nail polish to dry. It's a cloudy Thursday at this part of the world.

And i need to vent desperately. Yesterday my EX boss just text me to INFORMED me that my allowance has been reduce to rm500 this month. I was shock because i thought that it was suppose to be rm1500. I was pissed! But... There's really nothing i can do about it. I didn't sign any agreement and initially that was the allowance agreed (before i knew we will be relocate elsewhere).

So why I'm pissed? Cuz i did the same hardwork the others did. I gave my full commitment and because of the work i submitted my report a day late.

Ya, ya, ya...! I know the world is fucking unfair. I should have made some sort of agreement and not trust the son of a bitch that he'll stick to his word.

It's okay tho... And i don't want to focus on the negative... Few good things that i got from the internship is, i gain a lot of experience, got to know new people and gain new friends.

So i guess it is worthwhile that i'm stuck there for 2 months. Guess... This is not really an angry post but i feel better.

Till then...

And this is a pic of my nails.

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