Monday, September 24, 2012

Sipitang as I know it

Like I said in the previous post I was sent to a land without internet, I maybe exaggerating but the place where I was staying didn't have a secure internet line. So during that time internet wasn't really a part of my life which is abnormal for me because I'm like a tweeting, instagraming, facebooking, bloghopping addict.

I know it's only 10 weeks but 10 weeks away from home is quite a hard for me especially when I never ever actually lived anywhere else. To top it all I never even been to Sipitang, I heard of it of course and I admit I wasn't really keen in going there in the first place.  

Anyway here is a photo diary of my life for 10 weeks at Sipitang.

Taken At Esplanade, Sipitang

The construction site. 

I just came back from the site and saw this cute little puppy. I was homesick and this puppy just made my day.  

The friendships that started there. 

New places... 

In the messy overcrowded office/home. 

New phrases that I learned.

This device is a vibrator or as the workers call it "Lancau" a.k.a "Penis". I don't really know how to explain properly the usage of this vibrator, I know the workers use it to settle the concrete... urmm...That sounds wrong, anyway due to my lack of vocabulary. (Okay, I sucks in English and trying improve it. English is not me first language.)

Experienced the famous Beaufort flash flood. We were stuck for 2 hours. 

Witnessed man butchering a bat.

Became a game addict for a month. Okay... Not really an addict but I can't stop playing skyrim there and I'm not the type of person that get carried away in such things. I also learned how to play DOTA, torch light and L4D. 

The temporary stop work phase turn everyone I knew there into some crazy game addict. Everybody would pretend as if they're doing something serious when in fact, they were playing DOTA. zzz 


So that's about it. I love the job, I hate the management, I enjoyed hanging out with my colleagues, I had good food most of the days, I learned to socialize with people outside my social circle, I get to know a few professionals that turn out to be perverts in disguised, I've been in to a kampung karaoke, even sung Lily Allen's "Fuck you" there and manage not to offend anyone. 

If people ask me, "will you do it again?"
I will definitely answer, yes if the money is good and better management. Haha!   

  Bye Sipitang... See you. :)



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