Monday, September 24, 2012

Sipitang as I know it

Like I said in the previous post I was sent to a land without internet, I maybe exaggerating but the place where I was staying didn't have a secure internet line. So during that time internet wasn't really a part of my life which is abnormal for me because I'm like a tweeting, instagraming, facebooking, bloghopping addict.

I know it's only 10 weeks but 10 weeks away from home is quite a hard for me especially when I never ever actually lived anywhere else. To top it all I never even been to Sipitang, I heard of it of course and I admit I wasn't really keen in going there in the first place.  

Anyway here is a photo diary of my life for 10 weeks at Sipitang.

Taken At Esplanade, Sipitang

The construction site. 

I just came back from the site and saw this cute little puppy. I was homesick and this puppy just made my day.  

The friendships that started there. 

New places... 

In the messy overcrowded office/home. 

New phrases that I learned.

This device is a vibrator or as the workers call it "Lancau" a.k.a "Penis". I don't really know how to explain properly the usage of this vibrator, I know the workers use it to settle the concrete... urmm...That sounds wrong, anyway due to my lack of vocabulary. (Okay, I sucks in English and trying improve it. English is not me first language.)

Experienced the famous Beaufort flash flood. We were stuck for 2 hours. 

Witnessed man butchering a bat.

Became a game addict for a month. Okay... Not really an addict but I can't stop playing skyrim there and I'm not the type of person that get carried away in such things. I also learned how to play DOTA, torch light and L4D. 

The temporary stop work phase turn everyone I knew there into some crazy game addict. Everybody would pretend as if they're doing something serious when in fact, they were playing DOTA. zzz 


So that's about it. I love the job, I hate the management, I enjoyed hanging out with my colleagues, I had good food most of the days, I learned to socialize with people outside my social circle, I get to know a few professionals that turn out to be perverts in disguised, I've been in to a kampung karaoke, even sung Lily Allen's "Fuck you" there and manage not to offend anyone. 

If people ask me, "will you do it again?"
I will definitely answer, yes if the money is good and better management. Haha!   

  Bye Sipitang... See you. :)



Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello... Right now, waiting for my nail polish to dry. It's a cloudy Thursday at this part of the world.

And i need to vent desperately. Yesterday my EX boss just text me to INFORMED me that my allowance has been reduce to rm500 this month. I was shock because i thought that it was suppose to be rm1500. I was pissed! But... There's really nothing i can do about it. I didn't sign any agreement and initially that was the allowance agreed (before i knew we will be relocate elsewhere).

So why I'm pissed? Cuz i did the same hardwork the others did. I gave my full commitment and because of the work i submitted my report a day late.

Ya, ya, ya...! I know the world is fucking unfair. I should have made some sort of agreement and not trust the son of a bitch that he'll stick to his word.

It's okay tho... And i don't want to focus on the negative... Few good things that i got from the internship is, i gain a lot of experience, got to know new people and gain new friends.

So i guess it is worthwhile that i'm stuck there for 2 months. Guess... This is not really an angry post but i feel better.

Till then...

And this is a pic of my nails.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick post

Finally... Internship is over and I am back resuming the daily routine of my life. I am so relief that I won't have to go back there. It's not that it is awful there, it's just that... I feel jailed?... err trapped? more like I feel like I'm living a restricted life. Yeah... that's it. Now, I am free to do whatever I want! Wee!

I was thinking the other day, that I'm not as excited going back home to Tuaran like I used to feel before. I used to feel that I can't wait to go back home to see Piso (not that she's the only reason I go back to Tuaran) and now since she's gone, I feel like there's nobody waiting for me to come back home. Sure I have other dogs too, but after the welcome home greeting, they usually go back to whatever they've been doing and ignore me.

Only Piso will follow be around and stay wherever I am. Gah.. I miss her....

And now I know I should be giving attention to my 3 pups that clearly needing my attention but I just can't love them like I love Piso. Right now, 2 of the pups has severe mites problem and 1 of them has a lump on her snout. All of them clearly need medical attention and I am mad that my own family seems to act dubious about it and keep telling me that the problem will go away by itself.

But I know why they're acting like that because they don't want to spend money on them. The mites problem is easy to get rid off, I can easily buy medicine for the 2 pups. But the lump?... I've been doing research on the internet and lots of it pointing to CANCER, muthafuckin CANCER! on a 3 months old puppy! Fuck.... I'm fucking worried about it and I haven't got my internship allowance yet. I don't want another dog die.

Hope that I'll get the allowance this week....

Till then...