Thursday, August 23, 2012

hello again, friend of a friend.

I was supposed to be regularly updating this blog during this 2 months semester break but my internship has sent me to a land, without internet and surprisingly I survived (1 week left! hurrah!). I'm not gonna reveal yet where's exactly the "land without internet" is right now maybe soon cuz I can't be bother to look for my camera's usb wire.

In other more important happenings of Jacynta's life is that I lost my best friend.... My Piso-piso was tragically died in a hit and run accident. I don't know how exactly to describe my feeling right now about it. It happen about a month ago and I still can't believe that she's dead. Whenever I come home, I keep on expecting that she'll be there to greet me. I hate that I wasn't there with her cuz I know that she won't be near   to the road if I was home.

The sad thing is I know that the driver was either drunk or hit her intentionally, cuz she's quite afraid of cars and she won't cross the road. Because of a driver's recklessness, my piso-piso is dead. Fuck... I don't really want to play the blame game here. She's still dead even if I knew who hit her, buying a new dog won't replace my Piso. I just miss her so much...

If there's a heaven she'll be there. She's the most lovable creature I've knew that honestly love me. I don't know how to end this post elegantly... so I end it with pictures.

Last picture...

She is buried at the place she sat in this picture.