Saturday, June 16, 2012

You're just somebody that I used to know.

Yes, I am quoting that irritating song. It's been getting too many radio airplay that, the song is stuck in my head. Ugh... 

Anyway, I just need to have a quick rant here. So what will I be ranting about?


I just don't get it why some women can be so stupid when it comes to men and love. It irritates me beyond words whenever I heard stories about stupid women or whenever they chose to tell me about their "love" problem. 

What I really don't get it if the guy treats you badly, makes you feel like a secret mistress, hits you, slept with other women behind your back, etc... 



Why the fuck would you let yourself to be treated that way. I mean if you're into the S&M stuff, why can you be the master? Make that guy be your filthy little bitch and put a leash on him. 

And let me tell you there's no such thing as "being friends" with that Jerk because all he want is to fucked you up again and leave. He'll be taking advantage of your weakness because YOU FUCKING LET HIM do it REPEATEDLY.  

I am actually kind of amaze the level of stupidity, I don't fucking care if anyone of you says "you don't know their history"... well FUCK YOU. I don't care about the "history" of all the pathetic so-called-love-story, there's no logical excuse of letting yourself being treated like shit.

The most funniest thing is these stupid women, always look for empathy in other people. They will tell you how bad they've been treated and you will be sorry for them and angry because some jerk dare to treat your friend like that. You try to console them by saying "you should dump the guy... yaddayaddayadda", she'll be like "you're right". 

Next thing happen, these stupid women will be back again with their abusive partners and say "I just love him too much", "I don't to be alone". And as a friend you should be supportive of her while silently hoping that she'll open her eyes one day and realize her fucked up relationship is no good. 

But that won't happen. Even if the guy dump the girl, they'll be friends because she's like a saint, so forgiving and kind. 

Again the same cycle repeat.

Until... I guess a miracle happen and a really good hearted men swoop her off her feet.

or better, she slip fell and suffered mild concussion that finally knock some sense into her.  


  On another note 

I must learn to be more polite. No more crude jokes that may offend my friends and family, no more racist remarks. I always do that unconsciously and I guess I can be quite annoying and obnoxious. That may lead to why most people don't like me. Even though I don't really care about people liking me, but I honestly feel bad whenever I made rude remarks and obviously (especially when with people I care about) was hurt. 

So, I'm sorry for those rude remarks. 

Not sorry for the rant tho. LOL


Monday, June 11, 2012

The tree... 

This happened yesterday... The Bambangan tree at our backyard falls down and thankfully it didn't hit anyone, the puppies and the house. 

It fucking scares me when I heard about it. I was upset by it and what made me even more upset was the fact that when my sister uploaded it on facebook, some comments was so insensitive and idiotic. Maybe I am being too "sensitive" here but that tree means a lot to us. So to simply tell us to "plant a new tree" and "ada ultraman pigi tulung diatas" (whatever that mean), "lol"  is consider rude, insensitive and just obnoxious. Imagine you're in our place, your house could have been hit by the tree or worse  your family could have been hit by the tree. The tree was only 5 feet away from our house. 

And just because nobody got hurt and the house is okay doesn't mean that it's okay for you to make a lame joke about it. Damn! I'm just so fucking pissed reading those comments. I had to restrained myself from getting into a pointless fight on facebook with those people. If you have nothing good to say about a bad situation than "point you finger and lough", it's best you shut the fuck up. 

But fuck those people, I am truly thankful that nobody got hurt, nothing has been destroyed... God, I am still shocked by the news... baby Ben, little Bee and Nonok was in the house. What if the tree hit the house, it definitely will directly hit my parents bedroom... what happen if one of them happen to be taking a nap there?! or if one of my dogs was under the tree?!

Here's a picture showing how near the tree was to our house.

FUCK! I got to stop over thinking about this. I know my dad probably already started making jokes about it. He's the type of people that can make a comedy out of a bad situation (no, it's not the same with the insensitive rude people I'm mad with), God bless bapa. I know how he loves the tree, well not only him... all of us. 

I will stop being melodramatic here and Thank God again that not a single living thing got hurt. 

Yours Truly