Friday, February 10, 2012

Borneo fashion festival


Last Sunday bah, I go jalan-jalan with my family and we go to Suria Sabah to see a fashion show. My cousin Dewina is a model for the show so we go there la to support and also jalan-jalan.


She’s also one of the contestant for the Breeze Model Search, a competition that kind of remind me too much of America’s Next Top Model. The competition even got like a Tyra mail except that it’s “Breezy mail”. Anyhoo, some of the models look quite good and I’ll admit it that I like the “going naked portfolio”. Though some of the girls look quite horrible without makeup (like most of us do), some really do have natural beauty.




We missed the 1st fashion show exhibiting clothes from clothing line I cannot afford, i.e Cotton On. But we did manage to see the makeup competition, quite interesting I might say. The theme was Sabah culture, correct me if I’m wrong.









I don’t know who won the makeup competition. But I’m hoping for the Girl that used paddy as her inspiration for makeup. Although it seem kinda freaky looking but the makeup artist put lots of effort to it and I like the kadazan inspired tube dress, not sure about the thing hanging at the middle of the breast tho.


Also this day, it’s supposed to have an elimination round which none of the models got eliminated (from what I read from the fb page). The funny thing is in the page the organizer keep saying “who’s going home?” and “nobody went home”… which is silly because all the contestant do go home it’s not like they’re living in a mansion like ANTM. It would be super funny if somebody would point that out to the organizer.













A few viewable pictures of the models. I was sitting in the middle row and most people in the front row have pointy tall hair that ruined most of the photos.


I’m biased so here’s more pictures of Dewina. *Vote For Dewina!!!*










Regardless the obvious , the competition is  different from the other pageantry competition that seem to be spamming facebook with boring typical pictures of beautiful girls… blablabla. I’m hoping to see more interesting and creative photo shoot for the contestant and “May the best Model win!”.


Till the next post.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And they call it puppy love


Last year was the beginning of a new era… where I am convince that I am 100% is a dog person, nothing against cat but ever since I “mother” 4 pups there’s no changing back to being a Cat person.


Taking care of a puppy is a real deal. I never really took care of a baby and not ready for one anytime soon but my puppies is my babies. Since I never really talk in detail about my pups, let me introduce you to them one by one;


This is Piso, my black labrador mix, she’s around 12 months old and she’s our princess. She’s the reason why I love dogs so much…




My sister and I bought her at Gaya street (I know some might disagree about the way the people sells dogs there but I’m actually saving her and u might say that there’s another way to saved dogs then imagine I’m giving my middle finger to you right now so stfu) and the moment our eyes met I just know that this is a puppy for us. Although she turn out to be a menace for the 1st few months, she was hyperactive and she even pee in excitement when people visits her which is quite embarrassing for me.


Can’t believe she used to be this little…



Now my baby all grown up… and still is a menace. She has everything what people want for a dog, lovable, happy and always eager to please BUT unfortunately she has this one deadly obsession for “hunting” chickens. To be exact MY NEIGHBOURS chickens. She already killed around a dozen chickens, been threaten to be shoot on sight and one time when one of my neighbour had to save her before she ate a priced fighting cock (boy, that sound so wrong. LOL).




When not being a chicken serial killer, she enjoys very much playing with my little brother. In this picture she’s actually tickling my brother not biting him to death like on of those chickens she killed.


Here’s my pup Toba, don’t be fooled by his size he is actually a month older than Piso. We brought him from Tambunan when he was 5 months old.




He was suppose to be Piso’s mate but then I decided to spayed Piso. So now he’s your regular dominant dog, I tried to do the Cesar way like tsking him whenever he’s being anxious and try to make him more submissive to human. He’s great around adults although is easily annoyed with kids.




He’s Piso bestfriends and both of them tend to bully… Porog.


The thing about Porog is he’s a timid dog and being the youngest in this pack (only 8 months old) he’s tend to be bullied by Piso and Toba.




This picture is taken when Porog is 2 months old and his sister Dinky is still alive. Dinky died because of parvo virus which is an infectious disease among dogs. So if your dog is vomiting blood I suggest you go to the vet immediately. Even Piso, Toba and Porog was infected but thank god I realize their behaviour soon and took them to the vet which cost me RM150 per dog. But it was worth it…


  DSC_0758 (2)


Porog used to stay at home most of the time. But then he reached puberty that’s where he become Toba’s competitor during the mating season. He didn’t get to mate for the 1st week due to Toba being a bullied, I even beat Toba a few times because he won’t listen. Toba is much better now with Porog but Porog doesn’t seem to want to live with us anymore, only coming home when he needs food.




It broke my heart seeing him starving and emaciated. We tried tying him but he won’t stop crying (howling) so we let him go then he’ll be gone for a few days before coming back home again. If anyone know how to solve this problem I really need your advice.


Enough of the sad story, the latest addition to the pack is…




Gatut and Balang. We just got this 2 pups 2 weeks ago and they are adorable!!!




Balang is the older siblings. Both of them were from a litter of 5 adorable puppies. Gatut is actually the youngest while Balang is the middle. Balang is one of the pups that love adventures and not afraid of anything. He’s not afraid jumping off a couch (which is quite high for him), following all the bigger dogs when they’re chasing squirrels and not at all afraid to explore.


I find it hard to take a good picture of him looking adorable, he’s always running around and disturbing the bigger dogs.




Surprisingly Toba is very gentle with this 2 pups. Toba is not very friendly with dogs other than his pack and I was nervous introducing him to this 2 pups. But it turn out better than I expected. Even the friendly Piso doesn’t have the patience with the pups, she sometimes snapped at them and play with Balang a bit too rough for the little puppy.




Meanwhile, Gatut is the opposite of Balang. He’s much more calmer and a bit too timid for my liking. He tend to hide whenever he sense a human wants to pet him. Which sometimes annoys me, he’s just too shy only play with Balang rarely socialize with other dogs except Toba of course.




Anyway that’s the end for this post…


I’ll be back soon with more ramblings and of course more pictures of my dogs. :p



Saturday, February 4, 2012

DSLR noob

Finally, after years of dreaming, begging, crying and being envious of others… I finally got one of my own. It’s not exactly a DSLR though… It’s an interchangeable lens camera which provide almost all DSLR features except that its mirrorless and yaddayaddayadda… Not gonna bored you with that. If you wanna read more about it visit this link.

It’s much lighter and SMALLER than a traditional DSLR which is good for me because I’m such a klutz and taking a BIG ASS DSLR is not for me yet, also I’m a noob when it comes to the setting. Meaning this camera :

C360_2012-02-03 23-06-08


is PERFECT for me.

I still want to own an expensive digital single-lens reflex camera one day. Maybe after I graduated and got a good job or if I won the lottery, then of course Imma buy one! 

Anyway… here’s some of the pictures I’ve taken … :P





Now, I can take moarrrr! pictures of my puppies and of course whatever please me and act as if I’m an “artistic photographer”. megusta.jpg

I don’t care other people opinion about my camera all I know is MINE IS AWESOME. Beside I already bought this one, I don’t need other people to let me know this and this camera or lens much moarrrr bettah than Sony Nex-5. Me no have money already to feel bad about my awesome camera. :( So save your opinion for next time. teehee.


That is all